Wednesday, December 15, 2010


A lot of people ask me -- why my official creative email correspondence from my ship, to powers that be , often lacks etiquette and decorum. 

All i can say is, it is NOT deliberate-- take it or leave it.

Oscar Wilde famously said--" Be yourself-everything else is taken " -- being yourself is possible only in the Theta state.

I must confess my most prolific thinking and creative writing periods are between 11pm to 3 am, when there is absolute peace and no stress-- IN A THETA STATE -- at the border between the conscious and subconscious world--

-- when i am not constrained by restraining limiting beliefs.( i am a door mat, i must kiss my boss's hand, i must hold it all in , all shore bosses come first before my ship, i have no right to be angry with peabrained bosses, i will be rejected,-- blah blah )--  i am in a full blooded --let go to bitter end--release state --

Theta allows you to dip into the subconscious mind--which the waking mind cannot, and obtain terrific visualisation-- unless you visualise you can hardly achieve anything on this planet

--losers cant visualise--.

Theta brain frequencies are between 3 Hz to 7 Hz. In this state where your body is almost asleep while your mind is awake , you get focused concentration, lucid visualisation, insightful inspirational thoughts , terrific intuition, recall of emotions, and a feeling of universal oneness--basically engaging at the cellular and DNA level, tapping into the greater intelligence and divinity for the eureka moment--. 

In short you are in a waking dream. It is the gateway to learning as ideas come effortlessly. There are no fearful thoughts to argue against. There is NO inner opposition or hypocrisy. YOU ARE RELAXED AND AT YOUR OWN SWEET COMMAND.

In this twilight state your senses are withdrawn from the external world, and focused on the mind scape--internally originating signals. You can dip freely into your right brain lobe, where you can access information beyond your normal conscious awareness.

Theta waves are dominant when your mind is focusing internally--and you can recall long forgotten memories. Problem solving and memorising becomes easier. 

Almost all of you would have been in theta state during a long drive , zoned out-- with your eyes unfocused and car almost on autopilot, whit you not remembering what all happened in the past few kilometers. Yet your receptivity had been high , and you drove safe. 

Ancient Vedic yogis were mostly in their theta state , which is associated with the opening of the etheric third eye. The vedic civilisation flourished from 9000 BC to 4000 BC on the banks of the river Saraswati, till the river dried up due to an earthquake blocking the glacial mouth at the Himalayas. These seers had 12 strrad DNA and king sized resonating pineal glands.

You cannot go into a theta state , if you do NOT have a clear conscience. The guilty without emotional freedom can gate crash into Theta state by using binaural beats . Keep away from mind altering drugs, for easy access to the subconscious mind.

When you meditate your brain goes from Beta 25 Hz to Alpha 12 Hz and then to Theta 7 Hz. 

As soon as you wake up in a morning after a good long sleep , you are in the theta state-- dont get up from the bed immediately-- feel it, experience it ! This is the time to forgive people who have wronged you and get rid of emotional excess baggage --or rather to reprogram your DNA.  Make a positive affirmation ( from today onwards i will be a winner! ) . Enjoy the simplicity and the power--




  1. captain..this is wonderful!

    I came across little bit of these things (from texts, discourses et al.), but no where I got it simple and straight in a nut shell.

  2. In one of documentaries a person mentioned about alpha, beta and gamma stages of sleep but did not mentioned anything like thetha stage. Got a good piece of info from your post.

  3. Hello captain,

    How do you think in the twelve stranded DNA, the 10 etheric-astral ones looked like? Were they pairs of two totaling 5 extra double helical strands?

    1. hi sa,

      it will be a 6 pointed star-- 12 strand DNA.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. okay.... like the two dimensional view of an active merkaba... also there is a karuna reiki symbol sheera that is like star of david... it might be representative of 12 strand DNA...

      thanks captain..

  4. how does guilt affect Theta state by using binaural beats ?

    is guilt sympathetic nervous response hence generating beta waves ?

  5. captain

    cannot belive how much you know

    can you tell me how to do self hypnosis and suggest positive beliefs.. eradicate old beliefs made due to domianting demotivatinf fathers or mother and have the self belief and thinking of a captain

    I have heard affirmations and law of attraction should be done din Theta state

  6. Capt Ajitji,

    i revisit your blog many time just to find the deeper essence of it and unlearn to learn it brilliant bhai thanks . Bhai is ganja or bhang mind altering drug or its essence is in its spirit. Bcoz during holi i had bhang and i could meditate for longer and better connection to my spirit, would be awaiting for your kind revert.