Saturday, May 29, 2010


On one of my chemical tankers , I had a severe emergency.

My chief officer, 2nd Engineer , Fitter and Deck cadet fell unconscious in a stainless steel cargo tank having Stearic acid at 70 deg C, and padded with Nitrogen to reduce oxygen content to less than 1% of oxygen by volume.

To cut a long story short, we got 3 of them , on the top platform of the tank ladder , out in a jiffy and got them back on their feet by CPR and oxygen.

But the 2nd Engineer had slid down to the 2nd platform and was just inches off the hot chemical surface. It took us 23 minutes to get him out and revive him.

He came out cold , with No breathing and pulse , with a gaping cut on his eyebrow showing no bleeding. As a last resort I had held on to overhead pipes and used my feet on his torso from behind using my body weight –in a type of Shaffer's style . The moment he started breathing we hooked on pure oxygen .

Since that incident he got promoted twice with NIL signs of brain damage.

I would like to believe that went into a state of HIBERNATION or suspended animation or state of hypothermia -- triggered by some H2S gas just on top of the Palm oil derivative.

My Russian Chief Engineer whose home was in the Ural mountains with plenty of bears would talk about how the bears love to bury freshly killed meat and wait till the carcass rotted before they would eat it, in the beginning of winter . I guess the whole thing is about Hydrogen Suphide which propels them into hibernation.
Hydrogen sulfide is something all of us make in our bodies all the time to buffer our metabolic flexibility—It is what makes our body core temperature to stay at 98.7 degrees F, regardless of whether we're in Siberia or Congo. 

Same way H2S is used by warm blooded animals, like bears that go into hibernation as a way of reducing body temperature . 

The body temperature of a hibernating bear will drop from its usual 100 degrees F to 88 degrees F. The bear's heart will slow from 90 beats a minute down to 25  beats . Instead of its usual 18  breaths per minute, a hibernating bear will take one deep breath every 45 seconds. Electrical activity inside a hibernating  brain indicates  a 90 percent reduction .

The bear is  balanced on a very narrow line between the maintenance of life at a level that makes recovery from hibernation possible and a reduction of metabolism to a level that will lead to death. Hibernation is entered into from a state of sleep.. Hibernation and sleep are somewhat similar in that essential body processes continue during both periods , though at a lowered level. . Exposed to food shortages, extremely low temperatures, the bear just turns off  its thermostat and hibernates until the environment becomes more favourable.  Lot of calories is requires to convert into heat and survive icy conditions.

Hydrogen sulfide is similar to oxygen at the molecular level because it binds at many of the same proteins. As a result, H2S competes for and interferes with the body's ability to use oxygen for energy production -- a process within the cell's power-generating machinery called oxidative phosphorylation. During a hibernation-like state, cellular activity slows to a near standstill, which reduces dramatically the animals’ need for oxygen.

Hibernating animals conserve energy, during winter when food is short, tapping energy reserves, body fat, at a slow rate. It is the animal's slowed metabolic rate which leads to a reduction in body temperature and not the other way around.

As hibernation drastically reduces the amount of oxygen that cells need to survive It could be used to buy time when treating severe blood loss for wounded soldiers , hypothermia in freezing seas ,  heart attacks and strokes, in which oxygen deprivation kills off tissue, leading to disability or death.

David Blaine was submerged in a water-filled sphere on the stage of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” during a live broadcast, and he  held his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds—for a new  Guinness World Record. It is reported that Blaine inhaled pure oxygen for 23 minutes before the feat.


In extreme doses, hydrogen sulfide can bind to cells in place of oxygen, thus shutting down metabolism.

Hibernator animals have like bears have significant depots of brown fat in several anatomical locations (most notably between the shoulder blades), humans have very insignificant stores of this specialized tissue. We can only generate significant amounts of heat by muscle activity, i. e., shivering.  So not only in terms of our internal thermostat but also anatomically, we humans are ill-equipped to hibernate. In technical terms, we are incapable of “non-shivering thermogenesis”. 

The large amounts of fatty tissue in overweight people are useless for hibernation,  as this “yellow” adipose tissue is unable to generate heat.  Otherwise we could loose weight simply by turning down the heating during winter or taking a walk in the cold with inadequate clothing. 

To travel to far off planets , astronauts may have to be in suspended animation to cut off unwieldy consumables - food and water - on a journey that could take years .  During hibernation, black bears rarely urinate or defecate. Virtually all metabolic waste is reused, including excess calcium, which is refashioned into new bone.

Some cancer treatments work by denying oxygen to malignant cells. But the approach can also harm nearby healthy cells. If the oxygen needs of healthy cells could be reduced through suspended animation, then cancer medicines could be used longer, with greater effect.

Hydrogen sulfide treatment might improve the safety of surgery operations, such as coronary artery-bypass  that can temporarily reduce oxygen supply to the heart and brain.

I am claiming the PATENT to this hibenation post - 

Like H2S , Nitric Oxide is a bio signaller--as written in the Indian Vedas 7000 years ago. 

This is why our King Mantra OM --has the humming function to trigger production of the Nitric oxide molecule.  

Both H2S and NO relaxes blood vessels-- and the miracle part is that they share the job, in a QUID PRO QUO manner, and a Tamas-Rajas (Yin-Yang..) manner.



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