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Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is a process of separating molecules of gas from each other. It’s not a chemical process, such as “aBsorption”, rather it is physical process called “aDsorption. The first word is spelled using a “B” and the second is spelled using a “D”. This distinction helps you understand that a “pressurized” process, using carbon or zeolites, actually sifts molecules, which releases nitrogen from the air we breathe.

The air we breathe is 78 percent nitrogen. This process separates it and the only waste product from the process is oxygen, which is sent back into the air. By forcing air into a pressure vessel or sieve-bed, filled with sieve, some molecules are trapped and others released. The captured nitrogen molecules are stored in a tank ready for use in the desired application.

The  “membrane” process involves a series of hollow fibers that have holes in their walls. Compressed air is forced through the hollow fibers. The holes are small enough that nitrogen molecules are trapped. They are forced to escape. Heat is applied to excite the molecules in the hollow fiber to increase the chance they will permeate out through the holes.

PSA process better suits “critical” applications, while membrane is suitable for less critical requirements. When there is a need for high purity levels (up to 99.995) and low dewpoints, we often recommend a PSA system. The compressed air requirements are lower than the membrane systems and these systems are more tolerant to ambient temperature swings within a limited scope.

Between the PSA and membrane process for generating nitrogen, the answer is each meets special requirements, each has advantages and each has disadvantages. It takes a thorough understanding of the requirements to make the right choice. Some PSA systems may have a useful life of 20 years, while some membrane systems may fail within 7 or 8 years.

Membranes are approximately 30% more expensive than PSA systems.  They require more power than PSAs when operating at nitrogen purities of 98% and higher. PSAs are more robust and less sensitive to hot and cold ambient conditions. Membranes require 160 to 200 psig of compressed air for an efficient nitrogen separation to take place. On the other hand, PSAs require a much lower air pressure to achieve an efficient separation. Therefore, membranes will result in a higher outlet nitrogen pressure than PSA systems. PSAs generally operate longer with less maintenance costs.

Membranes have fewer moving parts, but membranes begin to age and degrade over a relatively short period of time. Replacement of membrane modules, represent a significant capital cost to the buyer. The biggest advantage of membrane systems is their inherent lightweight and small footprint.

The carbon molecular sieve material used in PSA units is extruded from carbonized coconut shells and represents a very hard and durable form of carbon with an exceptionally high propensity for separating compressed air into pure nitrogen product.

The CMS material literally has an indefinite life. And like membrane fibers, it too requires protection from compressor oil carry-over. The filtration system in both the PSA and membrane unit is designed to prevent hydrocarbons from coming in contact with the CMS material and membrane fibers

The PSA system utilizes a programmable logic controller (PLC)  to automatically control the operation of the Nitrogen Generator. This PLC consists of an 8k processor, power supply and I/O modules. The PLC performs all the controls and monitoring functions, including execution of the adsorption cycle. The PSA also has a built-in pressure switch and it monitors the nitrogen pressure. If no nitrogen is being used (or very little), the PSA will stop and go into standby mode. It will shut off the air inlet valve and nitrogen outlet valve so no air is used.

The air compressor also has a pressure switch or sensor that monitors downstream air pressure and it too, goes into a standby mode when the air pressure begins to rise. If the air compressor remains in this mode for more than three minutes, the main compressor motor will automatically shut down and wait until the air pressure is lowered before turning back on. This feature represents a tremendous power savings advantage.

The membrane system is totally reliant upon pressure switches to control its on and off operation. The pressure switch is installed in the nitrogen product line inside the control cabinet. The pressure switch can be set to turn the unit off and on at desired product pressure levels.

A PSA Nitrogen Generator is a two-bed absorption system and therefore, has an interrupted air demand to the system when air is diverted from one bed to another. An air surge tank located downstream of the air compressor and upstream of the PSA unit is required in order to smooth out surges in air demand. Membrane systems on the other hand, have a smooth constant demand for air and, otherwise do not necessarily require an air receiver..

Again, PSA systems require a nitrogen storage vessel in order to insure a smooth product delivery. Membrane systems do not require as large a nitrogen storage vessel, but is still recommended to prevent the system from starting and stopping frequently.

Evaporated liquid oxygen purity is 99.5% to 99.9% pure. Argon makes up about 4-5 percent of the oxygen product. After the compressed air leaves the air dryer, it is filtered in a series of filtration stages. The first and second stages consist of two acetate type filters with a pore space of 0.1 and 0.01 micron. These filters are designed primarily to remove water and particulates in the compressed air. The third and final stage is an activated carbon filter designed to eliminate any residual oil or hydrocarbon from the air before it passes into the adsorption vessels.

PSA generators These use carbon molecular sieve (CMS), which allows the smaller molecules in the input air (such as oxygen) to penetrate the CMS, whilst the larger molecules of nitrogen bypass the CMS to generate the output gas. A PSA generator consists of a pair of columns filled with CMS. PSA generators can achieve higher purity levels than membrane systems, up to 99.9995%

Membrane Generators  use a bundle of hollow fibres which separate gases by the principle of selective permeation. A membrane generator consists of these hollow fibres, encased within an outer shell of GRP. The faster permeating gases diffuse quickly through the membrane wall, leaving an output of nitrogen up to 99.9% pure. These systems are very compact and robust.
PSA generators are less sensitive than membrane generators. They are more robust, thus more suitable for potentially harsh environments.

Membrane generators seldom offer a purity higher than 99%. An optimal purity for membrane solutions is rarely higher than 94%. This is not the case with PSA solutions. The gas purity from PSA generators is often 99.5% as standard - and can easily reach 99.9%.

Even at high volumes, PSA generators consistently produce the same high amount of gas. By contrast, the capacity of membrane solutions tends to weaken over time

On average, maintenance costs for membrane solutions are 50% higher than for PSA solutions. This is due to the long lifespan of the pellets (Carbon Molecular Sieves) that form the hub of the PSA gas filtering process. The pellets can easily perform optimum separation for at least 10 years without being replaced. By contrast, membranes are more fragile and start deteriorating from the moment the on-button is pressed. And membranes are expensive to replace.




When you are under anesthesia, the Gamma brain waves stop.  Obtaining a stress-free gamma state is perhaps one of the GREATEST FEELINGS imaginable

If i suddenly put a King Cobra in your room , as soon as you see it, you will experience intense fear --your brain will jump into the Gamma range ( >40 Hz on EEG  ) for a very brief time . The mind is extremely focused on just one thought while in the gamma brainwave range.

Gamma Brainwaves are associated with the brain function which creates a holographic synthesis of data stored in various areas of the brain to fuse them together into a higher perspective. The Gamma state fosters intuition and creativity.

When i wrote the Chemical Handbook for my company--i used to be in the Gamma brainwave state for about 8 hours a day--- in a state of crystal-clear mental lucidity and great focus . It is a state of peak performance.

Gamma brainwaves have a frequency of over 40 Hz (40 pulses per second). This EEG frequency registers during problem solving.  Gamma brainwaves are associated with high-level information processing in the brain.

Gamma waves are associated with enhanced perception and a high level of consciousness. There happens a binding of your senses . The gamma brainwave is what allows you to experience, smell, touch, vision, taste, and hearing altogether.

Your brain is able to operate more efficiently at a higher level. Thoughts are easily processed and the brain is able to easily absorb and understand new information and changes in one’s environment.

The gamma brainwave is a natural antidepressant and it boosts your overall levels of happiness.

People with high amounts of gamma brainwaves have a advanced learning abilities.

The gamma brainwave has been associated with higher than average levels of intelligence. People with lower I.Q.’s and learning disabilities cannot have gamma brainwaves.

Gamma brainwave activity is present in Rapid-Eye Movement (R.E.M.) Sleep .

Observing a thought not only makes you aware of the thought but it also makes you conscious of yourself as a witness to the thought. 

A new dimension of consciousness has stepped in, the habitual, compulsive thoughts have lost their power and will gradually subside. 

As you learn to go into the high Gamma state, you decide when to think, and in the empty spaces between the thoughts, you will feel an inner peace and calmness. This is not a state of trance - there is no loss of consciousness here. 

On the contrary you are much more awake, aware and present, than in the state where you identify with your thoughts.

In the high Gamma state with no thoughts, you become conscious of your own being-- of your own true nature.  

In this sublime state you will realize that all that really matters such as beauty, freedom, love, creativity, joy and inner peace,--  is found beyond thoughts.

Gamma is the harmonizing frequency - for example when you are observing an object, its colour, size, texture etc are all perceived and processed by different parts of the brain, Gamma allows for unification of all the different information.

Beyond Gamma you have HyperGamma, Lambda and Epsilon frequencies.

They are linked together in a circular relationship -where if you looked with a magnifying glass at an extremely slow Epsilon brain frequency, you would see hidden within it a modulation frequency of 100 - 200 Hz.  

If you stand back far enough from an extremely fast 200 Hz brainwave frequency, you would see that is it riding on the crest of a slow motion modulating wave of Epsilon.

This Epsilon state of consciousness (the state Yogi's go into when they achieve "suspended animation") is where western medical doctors can perceive no heart beat, respiration or pulse.

The vedic civilisation flourished from 9000 BC to 4000 BC on the banks of the river Saraswati, till the river dried up due to an earthquake blocking the glacial mouth at the Himalayas. These seers had 12 strand DNA and king sized resonating pineal glands.Yoga was born on the banks of the river Saraswati.

HyperGamma and Lambda states of consciousness are the states associated with the ability of certain sects of Tibetan monks who can mediate in the Himalayan mountains in sub-zero temperatures with scanty clothing and melt the snow all around them. 


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On one of my chemical tankers , I had a severe emergency.

My chief officer, 2nd Engineer , Fitter and Deck cadet fell unconscious in a stainless steel cargo tank having Stearic acid at 70 deg C, and padded with Nitrogen to reduce oxygen content to less than 1% of oxygen by volume.

To cut a long story short, we got 3 of them , on the top platform of the tank ladder , out in a jiffy and got them back on their feet by CPR and oxygen.

But the 2nd Engineer had slid down to the 2nd platform and was just inches off the hot chemical surface. It took us 23 minutes to get him out and revive him.

He came out cold , with No breathing and pulse , with a gaping cut on his eyebrow showing no bleeding. As a last resort I had held on to overhead pipes and used my feet on his torso from behind using my body weight –in a type of Shaffer's style . The moment he started breathing we hooked on pure oxygen .

Since that incident he got promoted twice with NIL signs of brain damage.

I would like to believe that went into a state of HIBERNATION or suspended animation or state of hypothermia -- triggered by some H2S gas just on top of the Palm oil derivative.

My Russian Chief Engineer whose home was in the Ural mountains with plenty of bears would talk about how the bears love to bury freshly killed meat and wait till the carcass rotted before they would eat it, in the beginning of winter . I guess the whole thing is about Hydrogen Suphide which propels them into hibernation.
Hydrogen sulfide is something all of us make in our bodies all the time to buffer our metabolic flexibility—It is what makes our body core temperature to stay at 98.7 degrees F, regardless of whether we're in Siberia or Congo. 

Same way H2S is used by warm blooded animals, like bears that go into hibernation as a way of reducing body temperature . 

The body temperature of a hibernating bear will drop from its usual 100 degrees F to 88 degrees F. The bear's heart will slow from 90 beats a minute down to 25  beats . Instead of its usual 18  breaths per minute, a hibernating bear will take one deep breath every 45 seconds. Electrical activity inside a hibernating  brain indicates  a 90 percent reduction .

The bear is  balanced on a very narrow line between the maintenance of life at a level that makes recovery from hibernation possible and a reduction of metabolism to a level that will lead to death. Hibernation is entered into from a state of sleep.. Hibernation and sleep are somewhat similar in that essential body processes continue during both periods , though at a lowered level. . Exposed to food shortages, extremely low temperatures, the bear just turns off  its thermostat and hibernates until the environment becomes more favourable.  Lot of calories is requires to convert into heat and survive icy conditions.

Hydrogen sulfide is similar to oxygen at the molecular level because it binds at many of the same proteins. As a result, H2S competes for and interferes with the body's ability to use oxygen for energy production -- a process within the cell's power-generating machinery called oxidative phosphorylation. During a hibernation-like state, cellular activity slows to a near standstill, which reduces dramatically the animals’ need for oxygen.

Hibernating animals conserve energy, during winter when food is short, tapping energy reserves, body fat, at a slow rate. It is the animal's slowed metabolic rate which leads to a reduction in body temperature and not the other way around.

As hibernation drastically reduces the amount of oxygen that cells need to survive It could be used to buy time when treating severe blood loss for wounded soldiers , hypothermia in freezing seas ,  heart attacks and strokes, in which oxygen deprivation kills off tissue, leading to disability or death.

David Blaine was submerged in a water-filled sphere on the stage of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” during a live broadcast, and he  held his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds—for a new  Guinness World Record. It is reported that Blaine inhaled pure oxygen for 23 minutes before the feat.


In extreme doses, hydrogen sulfide can bind to cells in place of oxygen, thus shutting down metabolism.

Hibernator animals have like bears have significant depots of brown fat in several anatomical locations (most notably between the shoulder blades), humans have very insignificant stores of this specialized tissue. We can only generate significant amounts of heat by muscle activity, i. e., shivering.  So not only in terms of our internal thermostat but also anatomically, we humans are ill-equipped to hibernate. In technical terms, we are incapable of “non-shivering thermogenesis”. 

The large amounts of fatty tissue in overweight people are useless for hibernation,  as this “yellow” adipose tissue is unable to generate heat.  Otherwise we could loose weight simply by turning down the heating during winter or taking a walk in the cold with inadequate clothing. 

To travel to far off planets , astronauts may have to be in suspended animation to cut off unwieldy consumables - food and water - on a journey that could take years .  During hibernation, black bears rarely urinate or defecate. Virtually all metabolic waste is reused, including excess calcium, which is refashioned into new bone.

Some cancer treatments work by denying oxygen to malignant cells. But the approach can also harm nearby healthy cells. If the oxygen needs of healthy cells could be reduced through suspended animation, then cancer medicines could be used longer, with greater effect.

Hydrogen sulfide treatment might improve the safety of surgery operations, such as coronary artery-bypass  that can temporarily reduce oxygen supply to the heart and brain.

I am claiming the PATENT to this hibenation post - 

Like H2S , Nitric Oxide is a bio signaller--as written in the Indian Vedas 7000 years ago. 

This is why our King Mantra OM --has the humming function to trigger production of the Nitric oxide molecule.  

Both H2S and NO relaxes blood vessels-- and the miracle part is that they share the job, in a QUID PRO QUO manner, and a Tamas-Rajas (Yin-Yang..) manner.


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--- about history getting fudged--

when hitler invaded austria / czech and precipitated the 2nd world war-- the english speaking anglo-saxon cried WOLF -- what was he doing? he was sitting on 60% of the world, including india -- eyeing the remaining 40% like how a spider eyes the fly! what happened to all the red indians of usa and aborginies of australia? who started slavery ?

when britain left india in 1947-- the power of a nuclear submarine was well known -- whoever controls the BLUE INDIAN OCEAN controls the world- - the communists of china and russia , could get into the central all weather ocean from either side of the himalayas -- the americans put two islamic buffers there-- west pakistan and east pakistan ( bangla-desh )- - islam and communism are like oil and water-- ideology does not mix--


vasco-da-gama reached CALICUT ( my home town ) in 1498-- and discovered india -- our palace records say something else -- vasco-da-gama was hopelessly lost in malindi ( kenya )-- he was piloted across by the
calicut king's ( zamorin ) deep sea pilot ibn aziz-- ibn aziz saw some strange white men on the principal street of malindi and wanted to know where they were from--11 years before that a spanish ship had come to india--one local kerala beach is named after that spanish captain -- i guess he forgot to send the all important ARRIVAL FAX.

our calicut kings had deep sea pilots who went all the way aqaba and jerusalem hundreds of years before christ-- this is how doubting thomas came after christs death to india, by ship--

the hero of israel-- king solomon ( of david fame ). his offical seal is etched in my vernacular mother tongue MALAYALAM-- probably his wife sheba made him do this. you can see a photograph of this kings official
seal in madame blavatsky's book.

-- and mother theresa-- they have canonised her-- who was she ?

4 feet nothing-- had a beard-- ugly like ughhh -- ran away from impoverished albania -- was sent to india as she was uneducated, knew no english --

 -- she did her act well -- used her white skin to advantage -- she got herself all the publicity -- she was the queen bee of her kingdom --

when a white man from a magazine came for a photoshoot, she would fondle lepers and cuddle babies-- just like how politicians do before elections--

-- there were thousands who did more than her -- but never cared for publicity or photographs --

-- true philanthropists shun publicity--

pray, what were her options in life-- could she have got married? could she have got a decent job? WAS SHE PRINCESS DIANA OR ANJELINA JOLIE?

When the western countries, came out from the quaternary ice age in 9500 BC, and were staying in caves, eating raw meat and doing grunt grunt, India was a great civilization, with kings staying in palaces, wearing silk and writing poetry in Sanskrit. An employee German Max Mueller working for German Jews Rothschild, the owner of opium running British East India company, was told by Vatican to subvert world history to prove to all, that Bible dates are right. That the big bang of cosmos happened in 23rd Oct 4004 BC, 9 AM ( while it happened 14 billion years ago ) and that the great flood with Noah’s arc and party happened in 2500 BC ( life came on earth 4 billion years ago ) . BY 5000 BC, the Indian Rig Veda was written in Sanskrit. Every religion and prayer on this planet is an offshoot of Hinduism and every language is an offshoot of Sanskrit. The Aryans went out of India, with their Swastika symbol ( inscribed on Shiva's son Ganesha's palm ) as modern DNA tests have proved, never into India, as contended by Hitler . The Indian Dravidian Anahata Chakra 6 point star has been adopted by Jewish religion. Shiva Lingam stones of ex-pagan temples are the main attraction at Mecca Kaaba , Dome of the rock at Jerusalem and Vatican.



i knew of an accountant who had 12 females in his department--all of whom were in LOVE with him--but the poor guy never knew it--

so what are the signs emitted by a female who is interested in a male ?--

body language is an outward reflection of her emotional condition-- it can't lie--like words! when words and body language are in conflict--ignore 'em words-- and secret-- when women lie they always appear to be damn busy--


signals like pupil dilation ( opposite is beady eyes , which show NIL love interest ) --

  --and blushing can never be wrong -- by the way a blush is the most powerful charm of a woman's beauty--
---and basis body language signs are the same all over the world-- which i have been sailin' around for 3.5 

as soon as she sees you the first time , and she fancies you-- she will give that SIDEWAYS look , a second longer than necessary-- the eyes of a woman always smile at a man she is attracted to-


she could put her face on the backside of both her open palms-- with her elbows on the table-- inner wrists exposed-- and her eyebrows will flash a wee bit--


if she managed to hold your glance for an extended gaze of 4 seconds --and then looked down , she will soon enough bite her lower lips to make them red --like how the female rhesus monkey makes its ass red -- ( oops! i am NOT supposed to support darwin--for according to him, the evolution stopped after humans, i wish he lived longer to hear about quantum physics )  


she will look at your footwear to check out if they are elegant or bumpkin type--

and then--


IF SHE YAWNS --IT MEANS THAT SHE HAS FALLEN IN LOVE AT FIRST GLANCE ( i hold the intellectual rights for this , ok? ). Love yawns release huge waves of energy from the heart.

--it is basically a yearnin' sigh! big waves of energy emanates from her heart!!


and, she will be watching you using her peripheral vision--
lucky you!!



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Sometimes I wonder why my 28 years of marriage has gone smoothly without a single fight.

Especially when yours truly is a super strong character, who does not take anything lying down.

One of the factors definitely is -- that i went for an arranged marriage.

Of course we saw each other and gave our consent. Our parents gauged our compatibility. Our horoscopes were matched to see if the most intelligent force blessed the union.

Being a handsome young sailor i had my share of opportunities for a love marriage -- but i knew that love marriages do NOT work.

I wanted a girl who could blush, for the blush is the most powerful charm of a girl's beauty. And is not a blush the color of virtue?

I was acutely aware of the worry and strain of the Western marriage concept where sex plays a major role. When the feelings wane we all know what is in store.

The western marraige is based on lust and feelings , the Eastern on TRUST  honour and committment.  An Indian woman does NOT go for silicon implants to SAVE her marriage.

An arranged marriage is a compromise. It is a 51:49 relationship.

When a cup of tea has to be made there is no doubt who is gonna make it.  When it comes to security of the family there is no doubt who will provide that.

In India the divorce rate is less than 1% while in the west it is greater than 50%.

Country  /     %  Divorce  
Albania /                     19     
Armenia/                     17     
Australia/                    48     
Austria/                       47     
Azerbaijan/                  12     
Bahamas/                     5       
Belarus            /           45     
Belgium/                      71     
Bermuda/                     25     
Bosnia & Herz/             8       
Brazil/                         24     
Bulgaria/                      47      
Canada/                       49  
Chile/                           3       
China/                         22     
Colombia/                    9       
Costa Rica/                  47     
Croatia/                       25     
Cuba/                          53     
Cyprus/                       28     
Czech Republic/           66     
Denmark/                    49     
Dominican Rep/           41     
Ecuador/                     20     
Egypt   /                     17      
El Salvador/                23      
Estonia /                     58     
European Union/          47     
Finland    /                   47     
 France            /           55     
 Georgia/                     19     
 Germany/                   49     
 Gibraltar/                    49     
 Grenada/                    22     
 Greece              /        25     
 Guatemala/                 5       
 Hungary/                    67     
 Iceland           /           37     
India/       0.08       

I have climbed the highest mountains
I have run through the fields
Only to be with you
Only to be with you
I have run I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls
These city walls
Only to be with you
But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for
But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for
I have kissed honey lips
Felt the healing in the fingertips
It burned like fire
This burning desire
I have spoke with the tongue of angels
I have held the hand of a devil
It was one empty night
I was cold as a stone
But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for
But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for
I believe when the Kingdom comes
Then all the colors will bleed into one
Bleed into one
But yes

 Iran/                           14     
 Ireland/                       15     
 Israel/                         30     
 Italy    /                      27     
 Jamaica/                      9        
 Japan  /                      36     
 Jordan  /                     25     
 Kazakhstan/               27     
 Kuwait           /           42     
 Kyrgyzstan/                16     
 Latvia /                      52     
 Lebanon/                   17     
 Libya /                        5       
 Liechtenstein  /           48     
 Lithuania/                   53     
 Luxembourg   /           62     
 Mauritius/                   17     
 Mexico  /                    15                 
 Moldova/                    42     
 Mongolia/                   32     
 Montenegro    /           14     
 Netherlands/               46     
 New Zealand /            45     
 Nicaragua/                  17     
 Norway/                     46     
 Panama/                     27     
 Poland            /           28     
 Portugal/                     69     
 Qatar  /                       29     
 Rep of Macedonia/      11      
 Romania         /           28     
 Russia /                       51     
 Saudi Arabia/              20     
 Serbia /                       22     
 Singapore/                  28     
 Slovakia/                    47     
 Slovenia/                    38     
 South Africa/              17     
 South Korea/              35     
 Spain  /                      62     
 Sri Lanka                    0.19               
 Suriname/                   31     
 Sweden/                     49     
 Switzerland/                52     
 Syria   /                       9       
 Tajikistan/                   6       
 Thailand/                    25     
 Trinidad nTobago/     35     
 Turkey   /                   20     
 Ukraine/                     42     
 United Kingdom/         51     
 United States /            56
 Uzbekistan  /              8       
 Venezuela/                 27     
 Vietnam/                    4        

Wise men say - Only fools rush in,
But I can't help falling in love with you.

Wise men say - Only fools rush in,
But I can't help falling in love with you.

Shall I stay - Would it be a sin,
But I can't help falling in love with you.

As the river flows
gently to the sea 
Darling so we go
some things were meant to be

Take my hand - Take my whole life too,
But I can't help falling in love with you.

As the river flows
gently to the sea 
Darling so we go
some things were meant to be

Take my hand - Take my whole life too,
But I can't help falling in love with you.

I can't help falling in love with you.
I can't help falling in love with you.
I can't help falling in love with you.

Wrigley's chewing gum and perfumes are a must before a western date-- for the boy and girl must taste their mutual fruits -- before saying YES.

In the Eastern concept the boy gets to taste the fruits , only after the ceremony. It is an exciting period of discovery. Love will follow.

On the GRAPH of love versus time-- on X / Y axis, a love marriage starts at zero time ( wedding night ) on the horizontal axis and 100% love on the vertical axis.

What is already on top cannot go up any more--remember you had been  surviving on love and fresh air and showing only your best behavior and profile to each other , hiding all your warts,  BO with perfume and MO with Wrigleys.

Within two months the index falls like an asymptotic curve.

Everything in life is relative. In one , the index keeps falling , while in the other it has to rise.

For what was this love--just an arrangement of convenience.

If you were staying in Mumbai you fall in love with a girl from Mumbai--if you were in Timbuctoo you fall in love with a girl from there. True love knows no barriers of race, religion or age.

My arranged marriage  started with the index on zero love at zero time. What is already at rock bottom cannot fall any further. It can only go up.  Ego does not play a huge role.

Marriage is an institution which must be respected.

I remember when my crew was Jamaican , and if they did something extraordinary , like winning a race at the Flying Angels athletic meet --

I would pose a question. " Brown , whom did you run for" .

Pat comes the answer " I ran for Maaamma " .

Naturally-- Brown did NOT run for Paaapa because his mother never married,-- she just lived in with lot of men.


However here is my self proclaimed answer to the first question --the first line of this piece. At our honeymoon hotel , they had a package for honeymoon couples. There were 12 newly weds in a nice luxury coach.

Our first stop was the Ooty lake. All the eleven couples went for the foot paddle boats. I went for the rowing wooden boat with the heavy oars-- declined the services of a professional rower, and shot off to the other end of the huge lake like an arrow.

Very soon i could see 11 envious ladies cajoling their husbands to be more  romantic ( like me ) and row serenade them ,  instead of forcing them to use their delicate leg power.

 So we had 12 rowing boats in the lake -- pretty soon--with NO professional rowers in them.

Out of these 12 , 11 got stuck in the slush with the grooms unable to row further due to enervated tendons  fatigued muscles and blistered palms -- triggering off a huge rescue operation which took two hours, in front of a huge sniggering crowd.-- what with so much of smeared lipsticks and smudged mascaras--

All 11 genteel brides had panicked and were in tears--some of them wailing loudly.

All 11 grooms gave me dirty looks, for spoiling their party --  Their brides were giving me side glances of admiration.

I could see that my wife was proud of me , for she started holding mE hand -- and she had reprogrammed her DNA to respect me for ever  HA!  ;-).

Below : This picture was taken immediately after the lake rowing incident- my nostrils are dilated and I am sweating and breathing hard - 

PSSST, secret --  Why should i tell her than i was a champion team rower of whaler and cutters while in our Training ship which had 250 cadets . We practised almost daily for 2 years. I used to be the bowman , who had 1:6 ratio on the crutch pivot while the rest of the team had 1:3 ( boat is narrow at the bows )

--and my rowing tendons, were seasoned and tough -- like steel wires..