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Indians worshipped a black extra-terrestrial stone SHIVA LINGUM -- since the past 9000 years.

inside Mecca ( muslims ) the core is a BLACK BODY stone.

Inside Jerusalem “Dome of the rock” -- ( christians/ jews/ muslims ) the core is a BLACK BODY stone.

Black is a good radiator and also a good absorber-

-- why has ooperwaala or the good lord made people living in tropics black-

why arab women are forced to wear black ( to keep them indoors in the shade ) and men wear white ( they are in the hot sun all the time )?

On my ships I paint my monkey island silver or the return steam line black.

it makes sense to have a silver coloured car in India, for if your car is black you need to fit 2 AC's. on a hot day you can fry an egg on a black car.

Indian women since 6 millenniums always wore kaajol or kohl or LAMP BLACK on their eyes- not to make them look attractive - but for scientific reasons--

Lampblack absorbs all radiant energy falling on it.

All incident visible light will be absorbed rather than reflected---

--and THEREFORE ( aaaha!!!! ) the surface will appear black-- perfect absorber of energy this BLACKBODY.

Make a small hole in a box with lamp blackened interior, only 98% of the radiation entering such a hole could escape out ever again. If the inside was polished silver-like mE silver monkey island it would absorb
only about 6 percent of the incident radiation, reflecting the rest.

Kaajol is made by the impingement of smoky flames from TINY jets on iron channels ( like cracks on an incinerator refractory ) , the deposited black is then scraped .

About one fourth of the weight of a formula one race car or even a ordinary oil truck tire is carbon black, to avoid building up an electrostatic charge, to make the rubber electrically conducting and to make the tire radiate heat away- lest it melts.

Blackbody, absorbs all the radiation that strikes its surface, regardless of its wavelength-- and is called a blackbody because it reflects no light.

No such perfect / ideal object is known to exist on this planet ( except SHIVA LINGUM in indian temples ), although a surface consisting of carbon black may absorb all but about 3 per cent of incident radiation.

In theory, a blackbody is thus a perfect emitter of radiation , and at any specific temperature it emits the maximum amount of energy available from a radiating body through temperature alone.

If a object looks white, it is because all or nearly all of the radiation is reflected.

Recapitulation: an object that absorbs all the radiation striking it is known as a blackbody.

This is why a perfect black body like shiva lingum must be kept continuously quenched by drops of water dripping on it.

IN ALL SOUTH INDIAN TEMPLES THE IDOL IS SMALL AND BLACK--WHICH RADIATES AND EMITS ENERGY.  (In North Indian temples they have huge white statues--passing of a holy idols)


  1. Hi Captain,

    Had a slightly different view on this. Could it be because we had abundant black stones/granite/cuddapa stones in South while the north had the white marble hence they used it more for the statues (you will find many carvings artifacts carved out of marble in the north) rather than the science, so more on availability.

    Krishna even in the north was considered blue (just a better colour for the God should have been black). but the carvings were all in white marble - not an accurate depiction.

    While in the South the Gods and Goddesses except the Ayyanars, which they considered fair but would carve them in black stone.

    1. hi satheesh,

      yet despite coconuts not being available in the north, for pujas, they imported it from the south.

      a black statue picks up energy very fast.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  2. Muslims don't worship Black Stone in Makkah as Hindus worship black idols. We kiss it because our Prophet kissed it. Second Caliph, Umar, has famously said that I know you (black stone) do not any power, you cannot harm nor you can benefit anyone. I kiss you because I saw my prophet doing it.

  3. Namaste Captain

    i am 21 years .whenever i eat any hot and spicy things like chilli ,noddles, panipuri ,pickle i get hiccups . few days back when i took ginger (nearly 10gm) in empty stomach before having dinner hiccups started coming. is this any symptom for disease . please suggest ayurvedic methods. sometimes after having meals i get a feeling of bringing food coming back to mouth (like in case of cows). after meals i burp often. please help me.

    Nelson Singh

    1. hi ns,

      a hiccup is an unintentional movement (spasm) of the diaphragm, the muscle at the base of the lungs.

      the spasm is followed by quick closing of the vocal cords, which produces a distinctive sound.

      It is a contraction of the diaphragm, which leads to the closure of the vocal chord, exactly 0.25 second after the contraction. It is this that causes us to make the ‘hic’ sound.

      eating spicy foods can cause irritation to the phrenic nerves that control normal contractions of your diaphragm.

      to stop it-
      drink a glass of cold water.
      eat a teaspoon of sugar.
      hold your breath.

      very spicy foods cause a burning sensation in the mouth and food pipe, enter the lungs and disrupt the normal rhythm of the diaphragm.

      the diaphragm then begins to contract and relax faster in order to expel the pungent air out of the lungs. so eat spicy food slowly.

      while doing so, an abnormal hiccup is generated to maintain the homeostasis of the body.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  4. Hello Capt.

    Do you think Indian army has enough of fireworks to take on. Ny aggression? Eg. Recent ceasefire voilations by pakis.
    Like any other country, Indians wudn't have just played meek when their soldiers and civilian die, if they had enough amunitions and hardware.
    Early this year Subramanian said "there will be a war within two years and we are preparing for it". Until then, nothing major, I guess.

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    1. hi a,

      at the age of 42 you have to live your life .

      do NOT try anything till you have retired and are free of worldly responsibilities.

      ground yourself by walking on sea shore by feet wet with sea water--or walk on wet grass barefoot in the morning.

      do surya namaskar.

      do pranayama

      capt ajit vdakayil

    2. Thank you very much Captain. Shall follow your advice.

      My apologies for deleting the post and hope you will understand.

      You often mention the Super Typhoon BART.

      I see you re-creating this very same typhoon on land! This typhoon liberates all it touches... Jury is out on whether it engulfs India, Asia or the planet!

      And at the eye is where the Moksha of the Captain is.


  7. sir manu smriti ... does it really have statements like women should not study should come out .. should die with husband when husband dies .. etc .. also is it true that kaaba is sivalaya in mecca ???? that the priest mohammad uncle was siva worshipper and mohammad was mad man

    1. hi vsl,

      muhammad was a namboodiri brahmin under the employment of the calicut king ( my hometown ).

      capt ajit vadakayil

  8. sorry sir .. one more question .. so much blog to read .. i am forgetting what to ask .. do u have any information on vaalakilyesa mahamuni

  9. Dear Guruji,

    Please teach me what is Dharma for a lady who is married?

    I am married and in US . I lost my father 5 years before and i have no siblings .I have old grandmother and mother living in India. Now my mother is 60 and she feels lonely , desperate and depressed. I really want to go and live in India while my husband has good career and he is now making a mark for himself . He says we can go after 3-4 years. But every minute for me i feel so helpless , hopeless . Though my mother doesnt say anything now everytime i talk with her she kind of is very silent and understanding. What is my dharma Guruji to support my mother or my Husband. I am unable to satisfy both at the same time and my conscience is pricking me a lot.I already have sugar , PCOS with all these stress. Please guide me with all your intelligence. It is only a Guru who can guide me and none other than you Guruji which is the reason i poured my heart. Even if you scold me i wont cry but please guide me !Please save me from this minute by minute torture not knowing what to do .


    1. hi mp,

      your duty is to your husband.

      just because you do NOT have children , it does NOT mean you have no duties.

      next time you go to india adopt a girl child -- the child must NOT be retarded or ugly, so that you do NOT have a problem marrying off the child .

      get your mom to your home - if she is willing. if she is NOT willing she can hardly blame you.

      you cant expect your husband to take a municipality job in your village or town.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Thank you very much Guruji !

      I will take care of myself and my Husband. My Husband is ready to support my mother in her old age and all these days i have been trying to convince my husband to take a job in India.Thanks for making me understand my duty in this Birth. I will talk to my Mom about moving here. We have already started the treatment for my PCOS with reproductive specialist and next month onwards i am having my IUI.

      Please Bless my Family for prosperity. I will soon share a good news with you Guruji.


    3. hi mp.

      i bless you with a bonny baby- madhumita !

      capt ajit vadakayil

  10. It just makes me question everything I come across now. I have been worshipping white colored idols since childhood as I live in North India. Don't know how to fit this content and believe that it is no meaning to worship white idols?

  11. Namaste!
    Are you traveling or something else has kept you busy. No comments from you since yesterday!

  12. Dear Ajit,
    I Don't know if you know about Lord Swaminarayan he installed nar narayan dev idol which is black stone and he also installed laxmi narayan dev idol which is different stone swaminarayan said black stone shaligram is vishnu and if I (god) installs idol I will be always there wether it is black or white or even draw picture...In guajrat we have black stone idol in Dwarika , Dakor Ranchodray temple in ahmedabad nar narayan dev temple.

  13. Sir, since a parad mercury shiv linga is not black how does it fit in to black body theory.thanks