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Somebody called me up and cried  “CAPTAIN, YOU HAVE WRITTEN THAT IF ALL 4200 RELIGIONS ON THIS PLANET IS  A DROP OF DIRTY STINKING VERMIN LADEN WATER, SANATANA DHARMA IS THE ENDLESS PRISTINE BOTTOMLESS OCEAN..” Can you authenticate yourself?.. Listen… Jewess Helena and Jew Rothschild never imagined that a blogger named Vadakayil would be born who would expose their evil attempts to drag down lofty spirituality of Sanatana Dharma to the KEECHAD LEVEL of single holy book,  single messiah dogma laden religions.. Rothschild kidnapped Indian Sanskrit scholars to England and Europe to poison inject our scriptures, cook up fake scriptures and gods/ heroes.. None of the unfortunate men came back to India.. After their job was over they were murdered and denied their right to cremation with Hindu rites.. Three millenniums ago there was only ONE single religion on this planet—SANATANA DHARMA ( Hinduism ).. Today there are more than 4200 religions , almost all of them created by German Jew Rothschild, including Atheist Communism..   The Veda sruti / verses in Sanskrit have Golden mean (1.618 ) , Fibonacci series, Pascals triangle, Lucas numbers , Sri Yantra ( 3D geometry of OM ), Ulam spiral, prime number verifier , isotope magic embedded in it. If any poison is injected or fake srutis are cooked up, it will stick out like a sore thumb.. The Hindu is under no compulsion to strictly follow what is written in our scriptures.. Rather a Hindu is afforded CARTE BLANCHE to follow his own soul voice or conscience… bhūtaṁ bhavyaṁ bhaviṣhyaṁ cha sarvaṁ vedāt prasidhyati (12.97)[v12] Manu Smriti , 8300 BC.. “The authenticity of any spiritual principle of the past, present, or future, must be established on the basis of the SPIRIT of the Vedas.”. . Sanatana Dharma has zero dogma inherent and is open to self inquiry. .  A Hindu cannot go against his own conscience – this how deep rooted the concept of SHRADDHA is in Sanatana Dharma… Shraddha cannot be blind faith, it is ENLIGHTENED FAITH— self verification is involved in every inch of your spiritual progress.. Shraddha implies total self reliance , an independent sense of right or wrong , reliance on own souler powered conscience alone and courage of one’s own convictions.. Only Sanatana Dharma affords this unbridled freedom to a human ..  Hey Jack Dorsey, when a Hindu does not have to be afraid of God why should he be afraid of a brahmin or BRAHMINICAL PATRIARCHY?..  Only Sanatana Dharma offers SPIRITUALITY among the 4200 odd religions which exist today...  ALL RELIGIONS LEAD YOU TO BE A DENIZEN OF HEAVEN.. SANATANA DHARMA MAKES YOU GOD ..  ###   इति ते ज्ञानमाख्यातं गुह्याद्गुह्यतरं मया |.. विमृश्यैतदशेषेण यथेच्छसि तथा कुरु || 63|| Bhagavad Gita 18.63, 4000 BC…. iti te jñānam ākhyātaṁ guhyād guhyataraṁ mayā.. vimṛiśhyaitad aśheṣheṇa yathechchhasi tathā kuru…Translation:-.. BG 18.63: Thus, I have explained to you this knowledge that is more secret than all secrets. Ponder over it deeply, and then DO AS YOU WISH…##### ..  In the verse above , Krishna advises Arjuna to think and reflect over what all he said , telling clearly that there is no DOGMA indoctrination which must be accepted blindly... There  is no compulsion involved and Arjuna is given free choice.. God does not do the climbing for us but merely serve as guide posts and supports us  whenever we stumble, comfort us when we fall . God’s approach is counseling but not commanding. The  scriptures serve the purpose of GUIDE POSTS TOTHE MAN. It is up to man himself to choose the right and to reject the wrong… Sanatana Dharma steeped in spirituality  invites you to reason it all, to question it all and to decide your actions and assume the consequences.. Single messiah , single holy book religions threatens and terrifies. Spirituality of Sanatana Dharma gives you inner peace.. Religion invents and cooks up.  Indian spirituality discovers.  Religion does not investigate and does not question- nor is any devotee allowed to question.  Spirituality requires you to question everything..  Sanatana Dharma is the only religion tailored for the individual, not the masses.  Below is a poison injected verse  where the words “PRAMANAM” and “VIDHANA” are hijacked ..  I challenge anybody on this planet to prove me wrong .. Surf the internet, read every single translation of this verse made by all expert individuals since the past 6000 years ..  #####   तस्माच्छास्त्रं प्रमाणं ते कार्याकार्यव्यवस्थितौ |.. ज्ञात्वा शास्त्रविधानोक्तं कर्म कर्तुमिहार्हसि || 24|| Bhagavad Gita 16.24 , 4000 BC… tasmach chhastram PRAMANAM te karyakarya-vyavasthitau.. jnatva shastra-VIDHANOktam karma kartum iharhasi…. tasmāt—therefore; śhāstram—scriptures; pramāṇam— NOT DOGMA “authority” BUT A SHRADDHA BASED TOOL FOR OWN INFERENCE AND PERCEPTION ; te—your; kārya—duty; akārya—forbidden action; vyavasthitau—in determining; jñātvā—having understood; śhāstra—scriptures; vidhāna— NOT “injunctions” OR “FIAT”  OR “ORDINANCE”- BUT CONSCIENCE BASED GUIDE ; uktam—as revealed; karma—actions; kartum—perform; iha—in this world; arhasi—you should… Translation:--…BG 16.24: Therefore, let the scriptures be your PRAMANAM  in determining what should be done and what should not be done. Understand the scriptural VIDHANA , and then perform your actions in this world accordingly……#####.. The Bhagavad Gita doesn’t teach dogma of objective commandment ethics. It is a subjective book..  Religion is based on humanity, an organization with military type rules from a book of law.  Hindu Indian spirituality is divine, without rules.. Religion is cause for bitter division.   Hindu spirituality is cause for harmonious union.. Rothschild used his agent Jew Monier Williams of Oxford University to create a Sanskrit dictionary.. This is the book pretender CUNTS like Wendy Doniger, Sheldon Pollock, Audrey Truschke carry with them in their pockets.. This dictionary contains only 45% of Sanskrit words.. Sanskrit has no synonyms and this includes proper nouns .. Sanskrit is not a stupid language like English were a word like SET can have more than 120 different meanings..  Monier Williams did REVERSE ENGINEERING.  For example he found out the real meaning of word PRAMANAM and VIDHANA and inserted the poison injected meanings into the dictionary.. My mother tongue is Malayalam.. High literature Malayalam is 80% Sanskrit. We in Kerala created the Sanskrit language. Kerala Maharishis downloaded Vedas 400 centuries ago .. Kerala Maharishis penned down Vedas 7000 years ago.. From the time Vedas were downloaded in 40,000 BC till 5000 BC, Vedas were conveyed on oral route by Kerala Aryan Namboodiris..  The Hindu must act not  from instinct, not from law , not from DOGMA FIAT, but from a deep insight into the spirit of all life.. India is not a study to be made superficially by ignorant and shallow minded people in western universities. . Hindu India is a phenomenon of possibilities, though a cauldron nay matrix of multiple cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic perspectives .. What hold it all  together by a single thread of seeking the truth .  The tremendous longing has been nurtured into the peoples of the land, the longing to be free in thought – unharnessed by dogma- free from the very process of life and death..  India cannot be studied from outside . To behold India you must be at the centroid of the matrix and willing to dissolve yourself .  .  You cannot  look at a river from top and that too on a map  — and cry out like a Western CUNT — .. I  GAAT  IT !! ..  I  GAAAAT  IT !!!. Jump into the river,  dive to its depth , see the bottom contours all along , taste the water — experience the river — this is the only way– and if you cant do this , you cannot understand Sanatana Dharma…  Spirituality of Hinduism insists that you use your own conscience, which is the greatest task master..  Sanatana Dharma is the only religion which used words like SOUL and CONSCIOUSNESS. . Religion continues the teachings of a RIGID sacred book,  Spirituality requires sacredness in books within the fold ..  Religion is in charge of the “to do”.   Spirituality is in charge of the “to BE”..  Religion is a dialectic soaked in rigid ethos. Spirituality is truth and  logic..  Religion feeds the ego. Spirituality burns ago – it makes you transcend..  Religion is to continue adapting to the psychology of a template—to jump into the bandwagon . Hindu spirituality is individuality. Single messiah religions live in the past and in the future.  Hindu spirituality lives in the present, in the here and now..  Religion lives in the confinement of your memory.  Spirituality is LIBERTY in AWARENESS..  The major difference between religion and spirituality is one of believing versus being and experiencing. . Single messiah religions makes you bow on terms and timetable which is NOT your own –   Hindu spirituality sets your free like a bird – to choose what you want on your terms and time table—subservient to NO mortal past or present..  Organized religion tells you what to FEAR and tells you dire consequences like drug cartels . Hindus spirituality makes you aware of the consequences but does NOT allow you to focus on the fear. . It shows you how to act on love and not on fear, it shows you how to control fear and use the best of it..  Organized religion arm twists or brainwashed you to believe truths etched on rock – Hindu spirituality slows you to discover truths. .  It lets you Connect With Your Higher Self and see with your own mind what truth is because the truth as a whole is same for each one of us. It lets you believe in your own truth through your own perception of your heart..  Single messiah religion makes you dependent and a potted plant –  Hindus spirituality makes you independent. . Happiness is always found deep in ourselves and only we are responsible for it. Divinity is in us and that is why we are always worthy. You can never be a piece of shit.. Organized religion applies severe retribution method at the hour of judgment – Sanatana Dharma applies the doctrine of KARMA. Under the doctrine of karma, the ability to make choices remains with the individual-and NOT what is being told as gospel in a holy book  or a conman messiah..  Karma , which is advanced Quantum physics, is a matter of basic cause-and-effect without the need of a deity to mediate the effects.. Intention based karma is a universal law; it cannot be broken. .Karma doctrine makes Sanatana Dharma a great religion. Karma gives hope. There is NO eternal hell in Sanatana Dharma.. Today churches are empty.  Muslims are scared what will happen if they do not toe the line.. In Calicut  if some Muslim  shopkeeper does not attend Friday noon prayers, his shop is vandalized. If a Muslim flees his suffocating religion he is killed. Zakir Naik preached “ If a Muslim goes back to his parent religion Hinduism and starts to preach his old religion, then he can be put to death”.. Muslims don’t care anymore.. Many have written in their wills that they want to be cremated , away from their hometowns. Muslims go to Kedarnath to worship the original ( heavier than steel ) black meteorite stone, not the FAKE black pumice stones( which float on water )  cemented together at the SE corner of Kaaba. Mecca.. Muslim women in burqa visit Hindu astrologers.The sad part is most of them want to know if their husband swill take on another more attractive wife and discard her..  Increasing number of people in postmodern Western culture view spirituality as good and religion as bad.  Freedom and ambiguity is IN today; slave mentality dogmatism is OUT.. Even the Pope has allowed cremation.. If you cant beat them, join them..

Somebody called me up and cried “CAPTAIN, YOU HAVE WRITTEN THAT IF ALL 4200 RELIGIONS ON THIS PLANET IS A DROP OF DIRTY STINKING VERMIN LADEN WATER, SANATANA DHARMA IS THE ENDLESS PRISTINE BOTTOMLESS OCEAN..” Can you authenticate yourself?..  Below is CHRISTIAN BULL…. ####   ####... Below is MUSLIM BULL…. ####   ####...  ..“Atmano mokshartham jagat hitayacha”… ‘Pursue  moksha while keeping in view the welfare of the world.’-  Rig Veda 5000 BC…… When you get moksha – your soul merges back nay reunites with the supreme creator ( the morphogenetic consciousness field of BrahmAn ).  YOU ARE NOW GOD… Sanatana dharma does not require any Hindu to pray to God, like in every other 4200 odd religions .. A Hindu does not have to fear god or beg for forgiveness/ mercy or repent for his sins..Everything is taken care of by the laws of karma.. This is quantum physics.. Only you can save yourself.. All other dogma single holy book single messiah religions assure you of either heaven or hell after death.. THERE IS NO HEAVEN OR HELL IN HINDUISM…. ####   #####.... “Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhnam Urvvarukamiva Bandhanaan Mrityormuksheeya Maamrataat Om”-  Rigveda (RV 7.59.12) / Yajurveda (TS 1.8.6.i; VS 3.60) – 5000 BC….  त्र्यम्बकम् यजामहे सुगन्धिम् पुष्टिवर्धनम् .. उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् ।।…. OM / hindu king mantra which opens quantum tunneling.. triyambakam  /  lord with third eye open… yajamahe / worthy of adoration… sugandhim / fragrance ( of virtue)… pushti  / nourished…   vardhanam  /  increased  ( to purnam  -fullness )… urva /  powerful… rukam  /  affliction… iva / such bandhanam /  addicted… mrityor / death… mukshiya / liberate.. ma / not… amritat / immortality…. WE ADORE OUR GOD WHOSE THIRD EYE IS OPEN,  WHO NOURISHES US TO PURNAM . .. MAY WE BE LIBERATED FROM POWERFUL AFFLICTIONS WE ARE ADDICTED TO – WHICH CAUSE ENDLESS RE-BIRTHS -   BUT NOT FROM IMMORTALITY ( MOKSHA )….. ######.. In Maha Mrityunjay mantra “URVARUKAM “was converted by the white invader to “CUCUMBER”.. In reality URVA means powerful and RUKAM means affliction.. when merged together urvarukam means “ADDICTION”…  Sanskrit has no synonyms …Cucumber in Sanskrit  is karkkati   .. In malayalam at home ,  and in vegetable markets we say karkkari -ka  (colloquial )…  In Sanatana Dharma you can have heaven while living here on earth it self, as a JIVAN MUKT.. Cremation is symbolic of burning negative ego laden samskaras …jivan mukht sages can do astral travel. their soul leaves the body takes a ride at faster than light speed and then re-enters the body…When you achieve Turiya you are now a Jivan mukt , entitled for moksha.  Your third eye is open.  Your soul is free even while inside your body . The soul can levitate and watch its own cadaver . Acceptance of God prepares a Hindu for our real goal of life, called Moksha.  Sanatana Dharma is not an atheist religion.. The Upanishads are not philosophy but are darshanas, “something seen” and therefore to be realized.   It is in the Upanishads we find all the fundamentals that are central to Hinduism — the concepts of ‘karma’ (action), ‘samsara’ (reincarnation), ‘moksha’ (nirvana), the ‘atman’ (soul), and the ‘Brahman’ (Absolute Almighty- the morphogenetic consciousness field )… Once your accrued karma log is cleared , on god’s sanction alone, you attain moksha, which is the final end to endless earthly sojourns ( re-births)… Dharma embraces every type of righteous conduct covering every aspect of life essential for the sustenance and welfare of the individual and society and includes those rules which guide and enable those to attain moksha (eternal bliss)…Videha mukti is MOKSHA or “liberation attained by a person after death”. .. In contrast Jivanmukti refers to achieving “liberation while alive” ( ancient Maharishis whose souls could leave their bodies and come back at will )..  People who will get Moksha  ( zero karmic baggage/ soul at highest frequency/ zero karmic baggage/ zero ego  ) have huge auras…As ego reduces karmic baggage lightens and your soul frequency increases..  Karmic baggage can be lessened only by good deeds and being creative –so that you prove that you made a difference to this planet for the better..  Moksha can happen only when the soul frequency and frequency of the mother field Brahman  ( morphogenetic consciousness field – seventh astral layer ) is the same..  Moksha is purely karma based. There is no short cut or jugaad possible– like Rothschilds creation BABAJI ( or some rascal like Sri Sri Ravishankar/ Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev  ) giving you deeksha .. Remember we are all immortal. We all were born with the stars . You , your great grandfather and you would be great grandson were all born at the same split second…  Soul’s journey IS from earth to a suitable astral layer of same soul frequency, then again  back on earth , till the soul frequency rises to highest to be the same as the seventh layer , for final merge with brahmAn ( moksha –final stop)..  “Soul” gives perpetual motion to your heart . Your soul was once part of the mother field BrahmAn.... It yearns to merge back –it yearns for moksha ( home coming ).. When you get moksha your soul has merged with Brahman ( mother field ) and you are now free from endless rebirths.. What you see in the mirror is not you, you are your soul . . Your body is like a rented home or a pair of jeans .. You are your SOUL – a ball of energy once a part of BrahmAn the field.. .  No tears are shed at the Hindu cremation ceremony ( women cannot enter the cremation yard ) - after all the soul will either get Moksha ( merge with the universe ) or be re-inducted to one of the 7 astral layers awaiting next induction onto planet earth ( re-birth ).. For a Hindu , cremation is a must – he will not compromise on this.. When you die, and if you have not got moksha your soul is parked on any of the bottom 6 astral layers– corresponding to the lowest 6 chakras  ..As long as you have accumulated negative baggage of karma , your soul is parked in one of the bottom 6 astral layers .. You ( your soul ) is re-inducted back on earth , from any of the bottom 6 astral layers to give you another chance to reduce your karmic baggage -from the bottom 6 layers. You are not punished for a single incident of bad karma..  The field of brahmAn ( god ) , does not treat all the same..  This is why some are beautiful having brains who are respected , while some are ugly lepers with NIL brains who are despised .. Unlike what fake gurus have been spreading– you ( soul ) are forging your destiny on your own terms while on planet earth .. Karma is not fate, for we act with what can be described as a conditioned free will creating our own destinies. DESTINY is commonly regarded as FATE -  but both are as different as chalk and cheese.  In Sanatana Dharma we forge the hinges of our destiny on our own terms.. We are in control of our destiny but have no control over our fate.     Destiny cannot be forced on us; if we are forced then it is our fate.  Fate is determined by GOD who has overriding powers.. Karma is something that you get based on what you put out.  On the other hand Fate, is that will happen inevitably.. Fate is something that has been written in your life even before you were born..   By fate, it has been already decided that you should be born to certain parents, born at a certain place- say – Somalia.. My genome tells me Rothschilds are in Somalia.. Karma is related to the soul whereas fate is not. When karma is related to one’s actions, fate is related to god’s will.. Fate ( vidhi )is the outcome of your past karmic baggage before you were born into your mother’s womb– and god has decided in advance this is what you deserve.. GOD , has tracked your soul path ever since you became a conscious human being.. This is why my wife matched more than 500 horoscopes for my elder son when he had to choose a wife. It has been explained in Vedanta that  we human beings are partly free and partly determined. It nonsense to say that fate places obstacles in the way of free will.  Hindusim does NOT allow man to escape responsibility by blaming fate,( for fate is of his own making in his previous lived ), nor by blaming God, for He is but the dispenser of fruits in accordance with the merits of past actions.. Fate chose your blood relatives not your friends... We reap what we sow.   We harvest our karma. Animals like humans are NOT exempt from fate .   BrahmAn decides fate by factoring in past soul samskaras . Once you evolve and become human, you do NOT take re-birth as an animal .if your karmic baggage is too high, you will take re-birth to suffer. Karma deals in energy.    It is NOT actions alone which increases you karmic baggage but bad intentions too. Our intations are scalar , our thoughts are electric , our feelings are magnetic. Fate ( vidhi )is the outcome of our past karmic baggage – and god has decided in advance this is what you deserve. Karmic negative baggage has to be lived and worked out. There is no way of avoiding it. Humans are the result of their deeper mind and its store of countless impressions ( soul samskaras ) from the past.  Bear in mind that every small act that you perform is the resultant of triple conjoint forces, viz., freewill, character and FATE.  Life is 1% of what happens and 99% of how you react to it.. Kumari Mayawati cannot bitch why Aishwarya Rai is more beautiful than her—these are matters of FATE..  Your fate is not passed on to the next life —  read this a BILLION times.. FATE DOES NOT SNOWBALL.. DESTINY SNOWBALLS THROUGH SUCCESSIVE RE-BIRTHS AS A HUMAN.. The concept of broker pope or middlemen padre or mullah or rabbi is not there in Hinduism.. There can be no moksha even if you have an iota of ego within you.  Hindus must cremate the dead body.. While the body burns , your skull pops and creates a personal tsunami wave ( solition carrier wave ) and your soul rides up to any of the 6 astral layers .  No other soul trapped on earth can take a piggy back ride . If your skull does not pop your eldest son must break your skull with a heavy rod to generate that soliton wave while being cremated. Your soul leaves your cadaver when the skull POPS in the cremation fire causing a SOLITON CARRIER WAVE which shoots your soul into any of the bottom six of the seven astral layers ( if you do NOT have moksha – or NIL bad karma baggage ) . Cremation is symbolic of burning negative ego laden samskaras . Burial religions trap your soul on earth to wander forever lonely and miserable . Ever since the burial religions came has the world known any peace ?.. When a son does shraddh for his dead father , he helps his fathers soul rise by one astral layer.. This is a one time affair.  Moksha can happen only in the holy land of India—and only to men.. Women ( cannot be devoid of ego ) whose souls are parked in the sixth astral layer have to take re-birth as man to get moksha. Karma controls moksha –which means your soul goes to the 7th astral layer — and you are now god yourself as you ( soul ) matches the mother fields highest frequency -never to be re-inducted again back on planet earth.. Once you become a conscious human and your soul is parked in astral layers two to six—you will not be re-inducted as a lower form of life in astral layer one like animal or criminal/ pedophile homosexual.. Pedophile homosexuals are made out to be the salt -nay-bounty of the planet by Rothschild’s media. Sorry after death, their souls go to the first astral layer ( zoo party )..Homosexuals have never risen beyond the mooladhara chakra ( like animals )..All this kosher glorification of homosexuals will not work..  The second astral layer meant for souls with lowest frequency ( high negative karmic baggage ) and the sixth astral having parking space for souls of higher frequency ( low negative karmic baggage ). Yama is in charge of layers two to six.. All souls in first to sixth astral layers –await re-birth.. Only souls can enter all seven astral layers –not the physical body ..


Somebody called me up and cried.. Captain, why would Jew Rothschild convert URVARUKAM meaning from POWERFUL AFFLICTIONS to BIG KERALA CUCUMBER ?.. #### #####… Well,.. For the same reason Jew Rothschild converted the goad of ASHWAMEDHA YAGNA from VOTE OF CONFIDENCE to declare oneself as King of Kings ( EMPEROR ) to cutting of a dead horse’s prick for the Queen to use as huge DILDO ( like Swara Bhaskar TRRR PRRR ) in her bottom two orifices.. This foul version is supported by Jewess Wendy Doniger.. ###### ####.. Or for the same reason Jew Rothschild converted Shiva’s DAMARU to skull with MONKEY SKIN coated on one side with a 16 year old boy’s SPERM and 12 year old girl’s first MENSES BLOOD on each die.. At every literary fest Indian traitors sang the praise of the white invader while denigrating Sanatana Dharma.. People like Narayana Murthy sponsors wolves in sheep’s clothing like Sheldon Pollock and have given him millions of US Dollars to inject poison into our scriptures. .. ###### ######… Monier Williams of Oxford University created the Sanskrit dictionary .. It has only 45% Sanskrit words.. He introduced fake synonyms ( paryayam ) in Sanskrit.. Sanskrit is unique because it has no synonyms.. One word one meaning.. and this includes proper nouns.. My name AJIT means UNCONQUERABLE in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is not a stupid language like English where the word SET can have 120 different meanings.. #### ####.. So Jew Rothschild would call up Monier Williams and command him convert URVARUKAM to BIG KERALA CUCUMBER , to be used as DILDO UP THE ASSHOLE.. Rothschild had his agents like VIVEKANANDA supporting all this FOUL poison injections.. Mind you the whole idea was to inject poison into the Hindu concept of MOKSHA.. ### ####.. ### ####.. ### ####.. ### ####.. IF Jew Rothschild could cook up a reason why NANDI the bull sits facing the SHIVA ALTAR , that it was a MUTUAL ASSHOLE HUMPING PACT BETWEEN MAN AND ANIMAL gone awry.. what is not possible??. ### ####.. I hard all 18 puranas from my old ayah when I was aged eight.. There was not a single mention of SEX or SEMEN.. Subramanian Swamy sponsors DHARMAWIKI.. This drohi from within who does propaganda for fake Rothschild's Agama and fake Yajnavalkya was there at the inauguration… Read the post below and count the number of times FUCK and SEMEN is mentioned.. #### ####.. Our own PM Modi sponsors every fake God and hero cooked up by Jew Rothschild.. Modi lied that Rothschild agent Ghanshyam Pande ( of Indian Jew diamond traders ) a fellow who died 191 years ago is a Hindu God.. Hindu Gods are all cosmic allegories except 13 strand DNA mortal avatars of Vishnu Rama/ Krishna ? Ayyappa.. Drohi Modi would take foreign rulers to Akshardham Temples and make them pour water on Ghanshyam Pande’s golden idol.. Modi lies that Rothschild cooked up Basava is a Hindu god.. He ran like Usain Bolt to Thames river banks London to inaugurate the statue of Basava.. Our own President sponsors Rothschild cooked up God Shirdi Sai Baba, a dirty uncouth Muslim vagabond who died 103 years ago.. ### ####.. There is no heaven or hell in Hinduism.. We have seven astral layers.. Layer seven is equivalent to heaven ( moksha ) .. Layer one is equivalent to purgatory.. You cannot get instant moksha by dipping in Ganges or endless prayers . No Guru can give you deeksha for moksha.. The soul is a part of the mother field of Brahman ( on the 7th astral layer ).. Long ago– Brahman the field sheared you off from his own body– send you on earth at the lowest frequency a tiny ball of energy as his learning agent via experience.. You went through every life form on earth — to fungus to bacteria to plant to bird to animal to conscious mammal ( can pass colour and mirror test like elephant/ dolphin/ bonobo etc ) –to human.. When moksha souls merge with brahman , they give feed back as a closed loop . The instant this feedback stops there will be pralaya.. Souls give feed back to brahman about their experiences on earth–brahman knows everything. Non-moksha evolving souls are parked in one of the six lower astral layers , awaiting re-induction .. Before Moksha, the soul must go through all the experiences of life in the physical world—in every form from bacteria to bird to animal to human.. It is the soul which evolves ( from lowest frequency of unicelled fungus to highest moksha human Jivan Mukt frequency ) according to 400 century old Vedanta.. We still study the fake Darwin’s evolution from monkey to man in our NCERT school books. How the Giraffe’s neck became longer because it ate off all the leaves on the lower branches of a tree.. BRAAAYYYY.. The magic of Sanatana Dharma is that there are no losers who go to hell . It is win-win , though the worst souls take some more time for moksha . This is the hallmark of a good religion . Abrahamic religions give you just one chance and you are doomed forever , if you cant make it at the hour of judgment or sent back from the pearly gates to hell. Priests and mullahs thus have a vested agenda . . Hinduism believes in a just world in which every soul is guided by karma to the ultimate goal of Self Realization, leading to moksha, freedom from rebirth.. Change is the only constant— BrahmAn does not allow stagnation.. In Sanatana Dharma there are no circles—only spirals. When the closed feed back loop of information from moksha souls to mother field of brahmAn becomes stagnant , there is pralaya , dissolution of the cosmos.. Brahma breathes in and dissolves the cosmos .. Brahma breathes out and creates.. This is also a closed mobius loop like a Klein bottle.. Moksha happens only from holy land India , and that too to a dead man who is cremated. Excessive negative karmic baggage while born in India , can propel you to be reborn in some other god forsaken nation –say in Somalia .. Ganesha controls the Mooladhara Bandhan knot, CUNT Zakir Naik does not know this.. Ganesha is the gate keeper of astral layer No 1, the purgatory where souls criminals and homosexual pedophiles keep company with lower forms of animal life. Yama is the gatekeeper of astral layers two to six.. BrahmAn controls the gates of astral layer seven , Vaikunta.. The astral layers where the five Pandavas and Draupadi followed by a dog ( Mahabharata epic end ) fell in described in the link below.. #### ####.. Charvaka branch of Hinduism was cooked up by Jew Rothschild.. The FAKE Sarvasiddhanta Samgraha states the Charvaka position on hedonism as follows-.. “ The enjoyment of heaven lies in eating delicious food, having sex with young women, using fine clothes, perfumes, garlands, sandal paste… .. the wise ought not to take pains on account of moksha. Only a fool wears himself out by penances and fasts. Chastity and other such ordinances are laid down by cunning weaklings” — Sarvasiddhanta Samgraha, Verses 9-12 … Charvakas school teaches that there is nothing beyond the senses, consciousness is a lie, and that it is foolish to seek what cannot be picked up by the 5 senses .. Charvaka philosophy rejects karma/ moksha/ re-birth theory which is the bed rock of Sanatana Dharma.. The Deep state sponsors Amish Tripati who called himself a Charvaka.. He is a valued guest in every desh drohi literary fest.. Kayastha Amitabh Bachchan releases his books denigrating Shiva… Understanding the way karma works, the Hindu naturally seeks to live a good and virtuous life through right thought, right speech and right action. . Crime is less in Hinduism . America knows that only the Indian Hindu is crime free.. If at all there has been a crime by a Hindu in USA , it is to establish dharma or knee jerk reaction due to extreme provocation.. Recently we had a Hindu student killing his gay Jewish professor because he gave away his PHD project he worked on for years , secretly to a gay Jewish student.. We do namaste to the great soul in the enemy , even before we are about to kill him… Alexander the Great’s generals and historians had written that the army of King Porus never retaliated with dirty tactics even when dirty tactics were used on them. The Greeks recorded that Indians fought a dharma yudha ( war with ethics ) respecting the enemy soldier’s life.. The Western historians lied that Alexander defeated Porus. It was actually the other way around. King Porus spared and even saved Alexander’s life and helped him to get out of India in one piece. This was because the Indian wife of Alexander tied a rakhi around the wrist of Porus and made him her brother, as per advise of the oracle at Delphi. She warned Alexander not to take his homosexual teacher Aristotle to India with him, or he would lose his life..#### ####.. WELL ROTHSCHILDs GAANDMASTI WILL NOT WORK IN INDIA, A BROWN BLOGGER IS IN TOWN.


Somebody called me up and cried. Captain , you are the first person on the planet to write categorically that all Hindu gods are cosmic allegories except Vishnu mortal avatars Rama/ Krishna/ Ayyappa.. Jew Rothschild has used his agents to poison inject our Puranas.  Subramanian Swamy , an enemy of Sanatana Dharma from within,  sponsored DHARMAWIKI, who soaked our Puranas in SEMEN.. ####   ####.. How do people in Kerala Know Hindu Puranas better than the rest of India.. For example you wrote that Queen Tara ( wife of Kerala King Vali )  was not a MONKEY WITH A TAIL, but the most beautiful, chaste and stately woman in our 18 Puranas.. Well .. The Sabarimala pilgrimage has been going on for 5900 years.. There is a tradition of a GURUSWAMY who is allowed to be the leader of 108 pilgrims.. This Guruswamy should have made 18 pilgrimages to Sabarimala and then planted a coconut tree while on the jungle trek on this 18th trip.. There are 18 steps to the sanctum .Each represents a PURANA.. On every trip the Guruswamy narrates at least one Purana to his folllowers.. ####   ####... Now regarding Queen Tara .. Jew Rothschild not only reduced Tara to be a monkey with a tail, but also a whore.. Jew Rothschild asked Monier Williams of Oxford University to change words in his Sanskrit dictionary whenever he injected poison into our scriptures.. In the case it was changing MONKEY to means VARANA. Sanskrit has only one meaning for one word.. There are NO synonyms even for proper nouns.. The real Sanskrit word for monkey is MARKATAH .  VAN + NARA ( VANARA ) means human forest denizen not monkey with tail. .  Queen Tara being a chaste woman cursed Rama , the Vishnu avatar .  Rama , the Maryada Purush killed her husband in a foul manner by shooting an arrow on his back, hiding behind a tree when Vali was engaged in a mortal combat with Sugriva. You expect a female monkey’s curse to work on a Vishnu avatar Rama?.. BRRAAYYYY .. Vali would take rebirth as hunter Jara and kill Rama in his next birth as Krishna.. Rama would smile when Tara cursed him, as he knew this was exactly the way things were meant to transpire.  Everything was going as per the original divine plan.  Kerala King Vali could NOT be killed in single combat from the front, due to a boon . Rama being 13 strand DNA mortal god could have VETOED this boon any time , but in Sanatana Dharma such things do NOT happen..  Tara was reputed for her levelheaded behavior. Her regard is so great that her counsel to husband Vali sometimes have a commanding tone. "a beautiful chaste woman of unusual intelligence, foresight , devotion and confidence”  is what the ancient scriptures say about Tara. . Her father was a Ayurvedic surgeon Sushena who gave her a virtuous upbringing .. Rama consoled a disconsolate Tara ..  Rama said, "Wives of great heroes never sink into despair.".  "You will get paramount appeasement as before, and your son will become the crown prince, God has ordained destiny only in that way. Wives of the valiant ones will not mourn emotionally.". Lord Rama said “O Vali, if you still feel that I have wronged you than I can give you back your life right now.”.  When Rama showed Vali his VISHWAROOPAM, Vali realized in an instant that Vishnu was moving in a pre-ordained manner  to liberate his beloved Jaya , the doorkeeper of Vaikunta ( Ravana ).  Vali  cried “My dear Lord, I’ll get many lives, but a death like this when will I get again. To die in Your presence is the greatest fortune and it is a perfection of life. I seek only that I can behold Your face and die in your presence.”.  Vali said that when someone has Rama’s approval, he can rule any kingdom, and so Sugriva, who has Rama’s blessings, would  make a good king –better than his own son Angada.   Vali, then removed his  own necklace, which was given to him by Indra, a source of his power, not to his own son, Angada, but to Sugriva. Before giving that necklace Vali told his son, 'don’t bear any animosity against Sugriva or Rama because they have not killed me.  It is my own Karma that has caused my death.  Please serve Sugriva as you have served me and please serve Lord Rama as The Supreme Lord.'  . Vali requests Rama to take care that Tara is not insulted and advises Sugriva to unquestioningly follow her advice.  Vali dies in the embraces of Tara, who mourns his death in a most painful manner. If Queen Tara was NOT careful there would be a BLOOD BATH AND REVOLUTION.   The powder keg was there, all it needed was a spark in the form of a knee jerk abuse.   Everything her husband Vali built would be ripped asunder. . Tara suddenly turned into a statesman showing amazing presence of mind ( with Rama watching ) as if  trying to stabilize the kingdom after King Vali's death . . She declared to the on looking confused and angry citizens  "With his last breath, King Vali begs you, his faithful subjects, to follow his brother Sugriva as your rightful king." . Extraordinary Tara continued “The gods have used Rama as their instrument to perform their judgment in this matter.  Long live Rama the Righteous One!”  .  The crowd erupted in cheers and applause.. They began to chant the name of their new king: “Long live King Sugriva!”. Queen Tara had stabilized her beloved husband's kingdom.  Angada cremated Vali, aided in the funeral rites by Tara and Sugriva.. ####  #####... KRISHNA WOULD TAKE ON HIS VISHVAPOOPAM TWICE.. The first time to make a despondent Arjuna pick up arms and start fighting.. The second time to make unbeatable Bhishma to stop fighting.. AT THE END OF THE POST BELOW, I HAVE PUT A PICTURE OF KRISHNA ATTACKING BHISHMA WITH A CHARIOT WHEEL, WITH ARJUNA HANGING ON TO HIS LEG, BEGGING HIM TO STOP LIKE A LIMPET.. ####   ####.. This is poison injected by Jew Rothschild.. Krishna was Arjuna’s charioteer and cannot fight.. It is a LIE that Krishna told Arjuna to hide behind a woman Shikandi and shoot arrows at Bhishma who would never fight a woman as per his personal Dharma..  Even if Arjuna did that he could not kill Bhishma.  Bhishma could be killed in battle only of he agreed to be killed.. Yes, Shikandi was lying on the floor of Krishna’s chariot wounded and bleeding..  Bhishma who did not know FEMALE “SHIKANDIni” WAS DRESSED UP AS A MAN had mortally wounded her few minutes ago..  “SHIKANDIni “ WAS THE SISTER OF ARJUNA’S WIFE DRAUPADI.. When Krishna was driving the chariot towards Bhishma in the thick of battle, Arjuna heard his wife’s sister’s desperate call for help.. Krishna drove his chariot to her lying on the ground next to her broken chariot, stopped her bleeding picked her up and put her on the floor of the chariot. That was all..But this was done for a good reason.. Krishna knew how things would transpire.. SHIKANDI WITNESSED THE FINAL FALL OF BHISHMA as she had vowed in her previous birth as AMBA.. This was on the tenth day of battle.  Shikandi would pick up her sword again to fight.. Ashwatthama killed her on the 18th day of the war.. SHIKANDINI was the daughter of King Draupada..  She was princess AMBA in her previous birth who had taken an oath to kill Bhishma in her next birth..  Shikandini did not know that she was Amba in her previous birth.. King Draupada who wanted a son, found that his daughter Shikandini was better than men in battle and he encouraged her to master the art of war..  Krishna took on his VIHWAROOP and froze KALA CHAKRA ( the wheel of time- not a stupid chariot wheel ).. What Bhishma saw was that TIME HAS COME TO A STANDSTILL. ARROWS FROZE IN MID AIR.. And then he realized Krishna was Narayana  ( Vishnu ) himself..  He knew he would get MOKSHA if Krishna was the reason for his death.  Bhishma dropped his weapons and loosened his body armor..  At that time Arjuna exhorted by Krishna peppered him with arrows, tears streaming down his face.. This was the only way to kill the greatest warrior on the field of Kurukshetra , grandsire, Bhishma. .WHY DID PRINCESS AMBA WANT BHISHMA TO DIE?.. Princess Amba is the eldest daughter of Kashya, the king of Kashi and the sister of Ambika and Ambalika.  The Adi Parva of the Mahabharata narrates about Princess Amba's Swayamvara at the Kingdom of Kashi.  Amba and Salva, the king of king of Saubala  were secretly in love and Amba had promised to place the Swayamvara mala on his neck alone..  Bhishma had a step brother King Vichitravarya who was the apple of his eye and he had decided years ago that beautiful Amba would be the best bride for him..  Bhishma consecrated Vichitravirya, as king of Kuru Kingdom when he was a small boy when his elder brother King Chitrāngada died in battle.  Bhishma was terribly upset that King Vichitravirya was not invited to the swayamvar of Amba at Hastinapur..  Bhishma announced his intention to abduct Amba . He picked her up and put her on his chariot.. Bhishma  challenged all the assembled suitors to stop him and rode away.. The kings followed and showered Bhishma with arrows; however, Bhishma returned the attack and defeated them all . Salva then challenged Bhishma  to a one on one duel; Bhishma overpowered and wounded Salva, but spared his life on seeing Amba in tears .. Amba told Bhishma in no uncertain terms that she would marry only her lover King Salva.. Bhishma was an honourable man, and he had no desire to cause adharma by separating lovers, so he sent Amba back with due honours and a royal escort ..  Vichitravarya married Ambika and Ambalika, the beautiful sisters of Amba. Amba went to her lover Salva, skippety skip .  Dhakkan Salva rejected Amba, saying, “You have been abducted by another man. I cannot accept you as my wife. Go away!”. Salva declared that she was rightfully won by Bhishma, who defeated and insulted him and other kings and accused her of happily leaving hoppety hop with him.  He pointed out that Amba ( who was not tied up )  could have run away from Bhishma’s chariot when Bhishma was fighting Salva. If she has done that Bhishma would have smelt a rat and would not have pounded him to pulp.. Amba pleaded with Salva, whom she considered her true love, to accept her.  But Salva reiterated Kshatriya dharma and refused to accept her.. Totally humiliated Amba, went back to Bhishma and begged, “You have besmirched my reputation, and now nobody will marry me.  I beseech you, clear my name by marrying me to Vichitravarya.  Bhishma asked Vichitravarya, who showed haughtiness, “She rejected me for she was in love with another. How can I take her as my wife, now? Send her back to where she came from.”  Amba, who heard all this, said, “Bhishma, it is all your doing that I am in this position. You must marry me, yourself, for where else would I go?”.. “I have taken a vow of celibacy to my father , and I cannot break it under any circumstances. Go back to your parental home in Kashi, there is no place for you in Hastinapur,” declared Bhishma. .  Amba appealed to various kings to defeat Bhishma and do her justice, but all of them refused knowing Bhishma's fighting prowess..  Thoroughly frustrated and humiliated, Amba sought refuge in the forest and contemplated what to do next. She determined that Bhishma was the entire cause of her misery, and she wanted justice.. Sage Hotravahana (of the Srinjaya race), a former king and Amba's maternal grandfather, passed by the place. Upon listening to the tale of Amba's ordeal, the sage advised her not to return to her father and instead approach the warrior sage Parashurama whom they reckoned could defeat Bhishma.. Hotravahana introduced Amba to Akritavrana ( Parashurama’s disciple )  and both of them explained Amba's ordeal to him.  Parashurama gave his word to Amba that he would defeat Bhishma, who was his disciple in the past, and destroy his pride. On the 24th day of the fight between Bhishma and Parashurama, Bhishma sick and tired , lifted his deadly astra and armed it with a mental password.. The gods keeping keen vigilance ( KV )  recoiled in horror and begged Parashurama to stop fighting.  Parashurama promptly ended the fight and the gods hastened to declare a draw..  A dejected Amba jumped into the Homam eternal fire. This fire is what is shown as three flashes at Sabarimala at the exact moment Bhishma’s soul rose up to heaven for Moksha after 51 nights on a bed of arrows.. SHIKANDI WAS NOT A TRANSGENDER EUNUCH..  Vichitravarya’s sons were named Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidura ( from a maid ).. It is a LIE that sage Vyasa fucked sterile Vichitravarya’s wives ( NIYOGA ) and produced Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidura..  The lie is that Sage Vyasa had come from years of intense meditation and as a result, he looked terribly unkempt and smelly.  SO SO SO when Vyasa was fucking Ambika, she closed her eyes in revulsion and her son  Dhritarashtra , the FATHER OF KAURAVAS, became blind. ...  SO SO SO,  when Vyasa was fucking Ambalika, her face turned white like a sheet and her son Pandu became an albino, the FATHER OF PANDAVAS.. BRRAAYYYYY..  At every literary fest the anti-Hindu traitor bastards have to discuss NIYOGA, how Hindu Queens got fucked by servants while the cuckold TATTU king peeped from behind a screen , masturbating ... We have a short rope and a lamp post ear marked for these bastards.. What do we Hindus know— we only know ROTHSCHILD’S POISON INJECTED BULLSHIT, right?..


A fake Sanskrit language white skinned scholar hiding the Monier Williams dictionary in a flash drive inside his pocket, can never understand subjective Vedanta.. It is difficult to explain consciousness to the LCD ( lowest common denominator ).. I will try… The fake Charvaka branch of Sanatana Dharma cooked up by Jew Rothschild teaches that there is nothing beyond the senses and that consciousness is a big lie.. The Jewish Deep state sponsored Amish Tripati who called himself a atheist Charvaka , who wrote that Shiva ( PURUSHA ) was a sex starved tribal mortal born in 1900 BC.. His books denigrating Shiva was the toast of every literary fest , with mega star Amitabh Bachchan doing the book launches.. The planet’s oldest religion and the sole religion till three millenniums ago, Sanatana Dharma is rooted in consciousness, the only religion among 4200 odd religions to do so.. After Vedas were penned down 7000 years ago, till today nobody has understood consciousness .. CONSCIOUSNESS IS ADVANCED QUANTUM PHYSICS.. Imagine Indian Hindu sages dabbled in consciousness 400 centuries ago.. It was considered as savage superstition till the white Quantum physicists conducted the DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT of the conscious observer… Shell shocked with the results, the entire Quantum physicists threw away their Bibles and Torahs and picked up Bhagavad Gita penned down 6000 years ago.. They learnt Sanskrit to do their own interpretation of the CONSCIOUS OBSERVER called PURUSHA in Bhagavad Gita ( Sankhya Vedanta ).. They found out that in the Vedas were downloaded 400 centuries ago and penned down 70 centuries ago it is very clearly mentioned again and again that MIND IS OVER MATTER.. It was proved amply by the double slit experiment the consciousness of the observer brought the observed object into being. That our intentions ( scalar energy ) create our reality. . Scalar waves from your mobius supercoil DNA couples with intention and consciousness. Intentions enhance the body’s natural flow of scalar energy produced by DNA. Your DNA can send and receive powerful data through the universal network of ether.. The arrogantly named ‘pure sciences’ such as physics, chemistry and biology regard consciousness and scalar energy as some philosophical backwater of savage superstitious Hindus.. Blinded by reductionism, neuroscience persists in attempting to reduce the action of consciousness to the physical laws that govern matter.. That there is a deep connection between consciousness and matter. . The baffling implication of double slit experiment was that each particle passes simultaneously through both slits.. These particles can behave like waves. That means they can undergo diffraction when a stream of them passes through the two slits, producing an interference pattern. Simply by observing a particle's path – even if that observation should not disturb the particle's motion – we change the outcome.. The quantum double slit experiment has shown that a measured electron can appear either as a particle or a wave, but not both at the same time. The ancient Maharishis and the modern Quantum physicist has now arrived at the same conclusion; one starting from the inner realm, the other from the outer world.. If you are not shell shocked by the video below – you have not understood it.. ##### ####.. How could a single electron – which is a particle – display a wave-like pattern? How could one electron appear in areas such as directly behind the middle of the two slits or way off to the side? Shouldn’t single electrons being shot through two vertical slits only make two vertical lines on the detector wall behind it?.. Pray?.. Prithee? .. The double slit experiment. demonstrates, with unparalleled strangeness, that little particles of matter have something of a wave about them, and that the very act of conscious observation of a particle has a dramatic effect on its behavior.. The very act of conscious observation makes sure that the electrons travel like well-behaved little tennis balls. it's as if they knew they were being spied on and decided not to be caught in the act of performing weird quantum shenanigans.. An act of simple observation as shown in the double slit experiment is an action of consciousness—as expounded in the Vedas 400 centuries ago.. Any observer must be conscious, and therefore the consciousness of the observer is critical to the outcome of any quantum experiment. It is no great coincidence that ALL the great quantum scientists were proficient in Sanskrit and Vedanta. Why would an intelligent white man learn the language if savages , Sanskrit?.. Why would the greatest Western Universities have a Sanskrit Dept ? The timeless principles of Vedanta is expressed in the technical language of quantum mechanics and the philosophy of science, even today with little or no attenuation of meaning. When modern science meets ancient Vedanta eye to eye, there will be pralaya.. In the two-slit experiment, if the physicist looks for a particle (uses a particle detector), he will find a particle; if he looks for a wave (uses a screen), he will see a wave pattern before him. Physical objects only “appear” due to the collapse of their probability waves by a conscious observer.. In Sankhya Vedanta , male Purusha ( Shiva ) is a CONSCIOUS OBSERVER ( witness ) while female Prakriti ( Shakti / scalar energy ) is observed.. Wikipedia wont give blogger Capt Ajit Vadakayil a page because I write about SCALAR energy.. These CUNTS do not know that ALL ENERGY IS SCALAR.. Vedas declared 400 centuries ago that energy cannot be destroyed ( only transformed ) and that matter and scalar energy are interchangeable.. CUNT Wikipedia does not know that potential energy and kinetic energy are scalar as they have no direction… I knew it as a eight year old boy.. Energy is a scalar quantity as it has only magnitude. Since force has a direction it can be regarded as a vector quantity. Work is a scalar quantity, it has only magnitude not direction.. Velocity, acceleration, force, and momentum are vector.. Kinetic energy is energy possessed by a body by virtue of its movement. Potential energy is the energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position or state. While kinetic energy of an object is relative to the state of other objects in its environment, potential energy is completely independent of its environment.. Potential energy isn't transferable and it depends on the height or distance and mass of the object. Kinetic energy can be transferred from one moving object to another (vibration and rotation) and is dependent on an object's speed or velocity and mass.. John Stewart Bell showed that if the two observers randomly and independently choose between measuring one or another property of their particles, like position or velocity, the average results cannot be explained in any theory where both position and velocity were pre-existing local properties.. If you rotate an electron by 360 degrees, its state will be inverted, just as an arrow, when moved around a 2D Möbius strip, comes back around pointing the opposite way. Brahmanas ( Part 2) and Aranyakas ( Part 3 ) of Vedas , stolen by Jew Rothschild, was the first to deal with MOBIUS COIL OF TVASTA ( DNA ) and that electrons and particles have a scalar field generating Mobius movement… Again, scalar quantities have only magnitude; vector quantities have both magnitude and direction. Time is completely separated from direction; it is a scalar. . The quantum world cannot be observed by our 5 senses, and they do not follow the cause and effect laws of classical physics the distinction between the self and the universe is a false dichotomy.. Any observer must be conscious, and therefore the consciousness of the observer is critical to the outcome of any quantum experiment. It is no great coincidence that almost all the great quantum scientists were proficient in vedanta. ..#### ‘om isha vasyam idam sarvam, yat kincha jagatyam jagat’…. “ All this- whatever exists in this changing universe, is pervaded by consciousness”.. Isa Upanishad- 5000 BC.. ####.. The timeless principles of Vedanta is expressed in the technical language of quantum mechanics and the philosophy of science, even today with little or no attenuation of meaning.. An atom is pure scalar energy held together by a intelligent force. The conscious intelligent field lies in the empty space in between the electrons.. 99.99999 % of every atom is empty space. What we perceive as physical dense matter is actually empty space which is actually a plenum.. We live in a universe created of “objects” that are actually 99.99999 % space.. We Hindus call this empty space within the atom—Brahman, our Advaita god, which has the power to boil off entire oceans in seconds.. Unlike electric waves, magnetic waves and electromagnetic waves, scalar waves possess a pattern that no known device can yet measure. Because the wave pattern is circular and non-linear, the energy does not decay with the passing of time or space. This means that scalar energy travels faster than the speed of light, penetrates all matter and carries a plethora of information. The zero-point field is essentially an entropic mess of scalar energy vibrating through an infinite number of possible frequencies until that energy is observed or the subject of consciousness, whence that energy becomes organized and transforms into matter. Scalar waves can be used in “precursor engineering” and can be coupled with intention and consciousness, and be used for healing and also to bring back the immune system in a previous blue print state. This is the principle of VEDIC REIKI.. Scalar waves are not electromagnetic but composed of pure ZERO POINT ENERGY.. Scalar waves can pass through solid metal objects without loss of strength.. Reiki energy is scalar and cannot be blocked by FARADAY CAGES .. Quantum entanglement is the basis for storage and processing of quantum information.. Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in which pairs or groups of particles that have been in contact with each other seem to remain connected over vast distances. When actions are performed on one of the particles, corresponding changes are observed on the others. The blurring of boundaries between consciousness and matter challenges everything taught in western systems.. Sapt Rishis ( great bear constellation ) and their wives (Pleiades constellation/ seven sisters ) are in Quantum entanglement. There is no way cosmic allegory Shiva can fuck these seven women from behind their husbands’ backs, as is tom tommed in every literacy fest. Shiva cant even look or have a bad intention on these wives without their husbands getting whiff of it.. TEE HEEEE. . Through a trick of quantum mechanics, you can link two particles in a special way, separate them, and then observe the effects of one upon the other over large distances. This is known as QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT — placing two objects in the same entangled quantum state.. Quantum entanglement breaks the bedrock rules of standard physics: that nothing can travel faster than light , that objects are only influenced by their immediate surroundings—that we need to verify by using our limited bandwith five sense for scientific approval.. Through quantum entanglement, seemingly independent particles become intertwined. Entangled atoms can no longer be considered separate entities, but make sense only as part of a whole — even though the atoms may be far apart.. Quantum entangled particles can be used for “quantum communication” — a means of sending super secure messages that doesn’t rely on cables, wireless signals, or code.. Entanglement can be demonstrated in the lab with particles of light. When these two particles, or photons, are separated over large distances, they are still correlated with each other. If you measure one particle, the other particle’s state will be determined immediately no matter how far it is away.. Because any interference with an entangled particle, even the mere act of observing it, automatically affects its partner.( remember Shiva showing his erect prick to the wives of the meditating Sapt Rishis ) -- these missives can’t be hacked.. To hear quantum physicists tell it, entangled particles could help build a “quantum internet,” give rise to new kinds of coding, and allow for faster-than-light communication — possibilities that have powerful appeal in an era where hospitals, credit card companies, government agencies, even election systems are falling victim to cyber attacks.. Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated. This leads to correlations between observable physical properties of the systems.. Western science like Vedanta never devoted itself to who’s observing, and a science that does not take into account the observer, who is so fundamental to the observation, because without the observer there would be no observation – is an incomplete and mindless science.. By conscious observation we ourselves produce the results of measurements. Stupid Isaac fuckin’ Newtons’s objective reality picked up by 5 human senses goes out of the window. Our 5 human senses have deliberate narrow bands and are squelched to prevent human mind breakdown with excess information.. Newton would have fainted if he saw the remote control of a simple laptop computer mouse or a child’s video game—leave alone a satellite bringing down a war drone by hijacking its chip.. Stupid Newton’s classical objective science is devoted only to that which is observed by 5 narrow band squelched human senses… soon psychology touted by mad Jews like Sigmund Freud came along, to the process of observation.. Mind and matter are both made of the same basic stuff. The difference has to be found in the composition of vibration or ripples. Quantum physics like Vedas tell us that particles and waves are the same thing. Your conscious intention determines whether you see a particle or a wave.. Matter belongs to larger and slower waves, which implies that it possesses less scalar energy of the absolute. Mind is made out of much finer ripples, which indicate that it contains more of the consciousness of the absolute.. 

The wave function collapses only in the presence of an observing system and becomes a particle.. If there is no observer the particle will remain as wave. Vedanta penned down 7000 years ago declares it is the CONSCIOUS DRASHTA (observing system ) that makes this srishti / DRISHYA ( observed system ) to appear or exist.. When under conscious observation, electrons are being "forced" to behave like particles and not like waves.. In the microscopic world quantum physics rules. Nothing is certain. In the quantum realm the conscious observer is king, as he creates reality. This is the principle of MAYA.. The act of observing, of measuring, a maya controlled quantum system has a profound effect on the system. . Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, is just another equation of maya.. It tells us that there is a fuzziness in nature, a fundamental limit to what we can know about the behavior of quantum particles and, therefore, the smallest scales of nature. Werner Heisenberg came to India to study Sanskrit and Vedanta ( Upanishads ).. As described by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, each individual particle exists in a superposition – a probabilistic state of being everywhere and nowhere at once. As with the earlier experiment, the act of measurement – the act of pinning down the exact location and speed of the particle seemed to ‘force’ it to pick a spot and lose that probabilistic wave-like behavior.. Reality is a big question mark until something or someone interacts with it. Matter, which is made up of quantum particles, can’t exist in a definite state unless the wave function is collapsed.. In the effort to suck up to Jew Rothschild’s Communism — scientists were reticent to implicate consciousness. They could be excommunicated . After all German Jew Rothschild controlled modern science.. Material science is based on objective forces in our universe that obey strict laws of behavior. Were consciousness proven to exist, it would imply a force unknown to science and it has shades of religiosity that scientists recoil in horror.. If consciousness were proven to affect matter at the most basic level all of materialist science would collapse.. Human consciousness can affect the very fabric of reality with no proximity limitation. From anywhere in the world, a 12 strand DNA Maharishi’s , or a 13 strand DNA Vishnu avatar’s intentions can collapse a particle wave function into a definite state.. Quantum physicists had to admit that at the smallest levels of known reality, our universe is not objective or predictable.. You intentions and consciousness play a huge role. This explains the POWER OF PRAYER and the placebo effect.. The whole of material creation is conscious. What our consciousness can conceive , it can also create.. Indians introduced PRAYER to this planet. Indians introduced ASTROLOGY.. Consciousness is a form of matter just as matter is a form of consciousness. All atoms in the entire universe are capable of mind reading and communicating with other atoms–the basis of ASTROLOGY.. The Kerala school of math used math as a spiritual activity –based on which astrology thrived. They used math as a most subtle and rigorous form of thought.. Each individual mind has access to the universal mind. Human perception occurs because of interactions between the subatomic particles of our brains an the quantum energy sea. . We literally resonate the Cosmos. We know the principle of astrology are in consonance with the science of the future.. The quantum field or pure consciousness is influenced by intention. Longitudinal scalar waves from your mobius supercoil DNA couples with intention and consciousness. . Intentions enhance the body’s natural flow of scalar energy produced by DNA. Your DNA can send and receive powerful data through the universal network of ether.. Today we find so many rationalists ( atheists in the payroll of NWO, and Christians ) trying to run down astrology.. My wife matched more than 500 horoscopes to choose a bride for my elder son. Do I look like a CUNT to you ? To get the perfect theory of everything TOI, consciousness has to be factored in by science. It will NOT be possible to understand gravity without doing this. Every atom within us depends on the rest of the cosmos.. This is the basis for Vedic Jyothish or astrology. There are very few real astrologists nowadays, most are pretenders as they were forced to starve during 800 years of slavery. The moment a dimwit rationalist in the pay roll of the NWO or the Christian evangelists say that astrology is nonsense the deep state owned BENAMI media makes him an instant EMINENT INTELLECTUAL. . Imagine pea brained Girish Karnad / Kalburgi / Pansare / Gauri Lankesh / Dhabolkar/ UR Ananthamurthy / BR Ambedkar / EVR Periyar/ Romila Thapar and their ilk had a problem only with Sanatana Dharma, never the other 4200 cooked up useless religions .. In Sanatana Dharma, astrology can discern past samskaras.. The astrologer can weed out your inner demons.. Don’t ever pooh pooh this.. Through past-life regression, it’s possible to heal your mind, body and soul, as well as strengthen your present-day relationships.. Astrology, has helped the Hindu in identifying important components of his karma and destiny. In Kerala if you have made your horoscope for your child forget about getting a groom/ bride from a good decent Hindu home.. You can go ahead and marry Chutney Mary whores.. Astrology connects our world and our physical organisms with the vast cosmos uniting the microcosm and the macrocosm.. Astrology is the interaction of micro particles and energy that invisibly fills our universe.. ### “Purushyo’yam loka sannidah” . “Man is a miniature universe” –(Charaka Samhita IV) 4200 BC. ####.. A Jivan Mukt sage went into the TURIYA state beyond the veil of maya.. Turiya holds the real secret of our existence—In the OM symbol, the curve is the Quantum Maya screen and the DOT on top is Turiya.. Transcendence is a state of being that has overcome the limitations of physical existence. Turiya consciousness is the ultimate goal of spirituality for here you know what freedom and bliss is all about.. In Turiya stateyou experience detachment and joy . . Turiya or pure consciousness, where the mind is not engaged in thinking but just observes the thoughts.. Actions in the turiya state do not create karma.. A Jivan Mukt sage whose soul is at same highest frequency as BrahmAn the field, does not dream, because he has no polarity. He’s just a witness. In turiya state , the self does not think, feel, or do, but rather observes thought, emotion, and action capable of truly understanding the totality of the universe. Reality and truth become more clearly defined, allowing you to perceive that which lies above, below, and beyond the human experience. Turiya has no limits and no endpoint. it is infinitely transcendent, which means its potential is forever expanding.. You are now a unique individual and you are a vital part of a larger universal life force that transcends everything on earth.. Reality and truth become more clearly defined, allowing the Jivan Mukt to perceive that which lies above, below, and beyond the human experience.. Piercing the Bindu finally allows one to attain the highest experience, and this comes after following the process of Kundalini awakening. Turiya is synonymous with videhamukti, liberation without a body. . When you become a witness in your life, life becomes absolutely simple. . You cannot call it waking, because this witness never sleeps; you cannot call it dreaming, because for this witness no dream ever appears; you cannot call it sleep, because this witness never sleeps. It is eternal awareness, this is nirvana or enlightenment.. Potential is manifested only when we provide the frequency information, through our thoughts and intentions—the concept of “mind over matter”.. Author LYNN MCTAGGART, has written a book ” THE INTENTION EXPERIMENT” and another one called “ THE FIELD “ and she has minted huge money. There is not a single original idea in the entire book every thing is stolen from Vedas and Sanatana Dharma . Yet this white skinned BITCH has not made a single mention of Vedas or India.. She mentions several tribal clans worldwide who has not left a word in writing as their legacy.. I wish I could kick her thieving ass. Hinduism puts forward a fourth state of being called Turiya or pure consciousness, where the mind is not engaged in thinking but just observes the thoughts.. The white man repackages whatever they can understand out of Vedanta, now they are wowing the world—while we Hindus remain dirty, savage coolies !. The Jewish deep state and Vatican are using their paid agents in Kerala to shut down Trissur Pooram festival and Sabarimala pilgrimage.. Both are exercises in Consciousness of Brahman the field.. This is why people attend it ( even Muslims and Christians ).. The animal lover foreign funded NGOs want Hindu Kerala temples to substitute live CONSCIOUS ELEPHANTS ( who can watch themselves in mirror and see colour ) with elephant statues.. #### ####.. #### ####.. MAYA is mentioned 72 times in Rigveda penned down 7000 years ago.. It is because of maya or illusion that we are not able to recognize the absolute. It was very difficult for the shallow minded westerners to grasp the Hindu concept of maya .. Through the power of maya, cosmic illusion, the creator has caused the manifestations of matter to appear so distinct and specific that to the human mind they seem unrelated in any way to spirit.. Vedanta points out that god is the only reality; all creation or separate existence is maya or illusion.. Vedanta has told 7000 years ago that the scalar field of brahmAn is the fundamental entity from which everything else has come.. Deluded belief (maya) is that one’s existence is independent of everything and everyone else. With this poor understanding of maya, the individual forgets not only his or her own divine nature, but the presence of that same divine nature in the rest of existence.. The mistaken belief in an individual’s own autonomy from the rest of existence is what drives them to act selfishly or in a fashion that generates KARMA, and this karma, in turn, keeps the individual tied to the endless cycle of samsara ( re-births ). .. “ He is the one god, the creator. He enters into all wombs. The one absolute, impersonal existence, together with his inscrutable MAYA, appears as the divine lord, endowed with manifold glories. With his divine power he holds dominion over all the worlds ” ( Shvetashvatara Upanishad 3.1- 5000 BC)… Classical physics became outdated at the atomic and subatomic levels.. If you watch electrons using a electron microscope you will be stunned.. Sub atomic particles behave in unpredictable ways ( maya )..#### ####.. Vedanta teaches us that the MIND IS MADE OF WAVES or ‘VRITTIS’ and these MIND WAVES BECOME THE OBJECTS ‘ ( “manomatram jagata”, “manahkalpitam jagata” ), which we see around us in this physical universe… 

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to India, she said that the only languages taught in Germany are SANSKRIT AND MALAYALAM..  ####   ####..  Both Malayalam and Sanskrit have 54 alphabets corresponding to Sri Yantra..  ####   ####.. Tamils pride ( Christian convert stooges of German Jew Rothschild ) were joyfully crying out that Malayalam was a tapeworm in the stomach of Tamil..  Tamil is a vastly inferior folk language with 12 vowels and 18 consonants – I can understand Tamil . There are NO Sanskrit words in Tamil ( unless borrowed from Malayalam ), unlike high literature Malayalam where 80% words are in Sanskrit..  If we Indians are savages why teach Sanskrit in every in major Western University?.. Why learn the language of superstitious Hindus.. Why did the white invader steal technical sections Part 2 ( Brahmanas ) and Part3 ( Aranyakas ) of the Vedas?.. Why did Rothschild’s agent German Jew Hermann Gundert run away to Germany with our Malayalam Math / Astronomy books?.. #####   #####.. When Hermann Gundert stole our technical books , we in Kerala hid our books whatever was left from the library of Kodungallur University..  Nobody knows that Tirunavaya is one of the oldest temples of India, part of the Danava civilization which preceded the Vedic civilization by several millenniums…It is far older than the 6000 year old Guruvayur temple.. Parashurama has consecrated an Ayyappa idol in this temple .. The river spot was holy and Indians from all over came there to do shraddh .. This spot is known as southern Kashi.. It had the largest library in India (Sanskrit and Malayalam ) which Rothschild stole and carted away to Germany and set the balance on fire in 1743 AD... Same was done to the Sringeri Library containing original Vedas and Upanishads owned by the Calicut king..  Chitpavan Jew Peshwas ( Laman , 100% Jews / Jewish holy warriors) were sent from Poona on horseback..  They were assisted by Jew Nizam’s horsemen ( with hardcore German speaking Hessian Rothschild’s  mercenaries providing logistics ) and Pindari mercenary Pashtun Jew horsemen... Rothschild had 58,000 Pindari mercenaries ( fought for Moguls Kings ) in his payroll.  Some of these Pindaris were Peshawai Khatri Jews specializing in FALSE FLAG ATTACKS ..  Wives of Pindaris were used as decoys.. All ten Sikh Gurus and their wives were Peshwari Khatri Jews.. Pindaris ( Bederia / Bidaris ) ) kidnapped beautiful underage girls for Jew Rothschild.. They also looted Shiva Lingams and iridium infused Hindu black stone idols which were taken to Europe and buried under the foundations of Christian Cathedrals..  When Sringeri Mutt was looted (  Vedas/ Upanishands/ black stone idol of goddess Sharada ), in April 1791, it was micro managed by Jew Rothschild.   JEW TIPU SULTAN ACTED AS A DOUBLE AGENT, SHOCKED ?.. The loot was so heavy that they needed temple elephants to cart it away.. The Sringeri Pontiff fasted without water and died.. Today on Republic day march parts commie media praise the traitor Poona horse regiment.. Pindaris led by Amir Khan , Muhammad Khan , Namdar Khan  were allowed to rule their own kingdoms in Malwa ( growing Opium ) by Jew Rothschild… This horse regiment led by Chitpavan Jew Peshwas and Pashtun Khan Jews was used by Rothschild in 1857..  Rothschild’s agent President VV Giri honoured this desh drohi horse regiment with the 'Guidon' on 31 March 1971 at Babina ... The Maharaja of Bharatpore, Baldeo Singh was murdered by this regiment and his four year old son Balwant Singh was made king by the Governor-General of India, Lord William Pitt Amherst.. son of Rothschild’s agent Lieutenant General William Amherst..  Rothschild’s 14 Horse (Scinde Horse) regiment used Jew Afridis to control Bolan and Khyber passes. President Zakir Hussan was a Jew Afridi. His grandson is Salman Khurshid , who made the Italian waitress cry bitterly showing pictures of Batla House encounter..Whoever whitewashes Rothschild’s atrocities gets awards and positions  of Professor in western universities.. We all know what Amartya Sen, Ashok Swain and Abhijit Sarkar are doing, right ?..The ancient Mamankam festival on Tirunavaya temple river banks was AN INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FEST where all ancient Greeks who studied in Kodungallur university participated–..  All ancient Greeks scholars except Aristotle.. they have written about Kathakali dances the whole night ..  CALICUT KINGS WERE THE REAL DEAL, BRIMMING WITH COURAGE AND HONOUR..  ####   ####... TODAY THERE IS A SECRET DEAL.  CRYPTO JEW RISHI SUNAK ( THE SON IN LAW OF  NARAYANA MURTHY ) WILL BE MADE THE PM OF UK BY JEW ROTHSCHILD , IF THE HIDDEN BOOKS ARE DELIVERED TO AGENT SHELDON POLLOCK, WHO IS AN ENEMY OF HINDUS AND INDIA FROM WITHIN... KAANIYA THINKS WE ARE IDIOTS..

It is a lie that Vishnu killed a Kerala Danava king Panchajanya on a mountain named Chakravan constructed by Vishwakarma and STOLE his shankh.. It is a lie that Danava Panchajanya kidnapped the Sankasura son of Sandipani, the guru of Krishna, six millenniums ago… Divine architect Vishwakarma ( Tvastri) is mentioned in Rig Veda several times as the maker of divine weapon VAJRA.. Indra the thunderbolt called Vajra and split Danu’s ( progenitor of Danavas ) fetus into many pieces.. It is a lie that monkey Nala with a tail , son of Vishvakarma was the chief engineer of Ram Setu bridge.. #### ####.. Panchajanya conch was the fruit of Samudra Manthan which happened in antiquity… The GOD OF AYURVEDA DHANWANTARI rose up from the cosmic waters as the fruit of Samudra manthan holding a bounty in each of his 4 hands.. Leech ( vaccination), CONCH ( golden spiral and golden mean 1.618, stolen by Italian thief Fibonacci) , Amrit ( scalar powered natural chemical medicine factory of the human body without side effects) , and Sudarshana chakra ( the ultimate scalar interferometry weapon ) which can boil off entire oceans in seconds.. ##### ######.. Shiva drank the halahala poison ( polymerized toxin due to Vasuki the snake vomiting ) of the cosmic waters from PANCHAJANYA SHANK .. and this is why we celebrate Shiva Ratri.. Not because of some bullshit stars / planets were in alignment as that CONMAN AND DROHI SADGURU JAGGI VASUDEV whom Modi gave Padma Vibhushan award said a couple of weeks ago on Shivaratri day.. Shiva drinking halahala using the Panchajanya shank is depicted as a fresco in Angkor Wat temple built 12400 years ago.. #### ####.. We Hindus keep awake the whole of Shivarati night because we re-enact the night of anxiety where the Sapt Rishis did not allow toxin Halahala affected Shiva to sleep, lest he dies in his sleep… During this night vigil, the fate of the cosmos hung in balance.. On Shivaratri night we keep awake out of gratitude chanting Shiva mantras.. The golden spiral of the shankh partly neutralized the poison.. #### ####.. Nandi the bull lapped up whatever poison spilt out from Shiva’s lips when a desperate wife Parvati pressed Shiva’s neck. #### ####.. It is a lie that Nandi and Shiva had a mutual asshole humping pact, and Shiva pounded bull Nandi’s tight asshole and then breached the contract when he saw the gargantuan size of Nandi’s lustful prick in full blood engorged tumescence. .. And this is the reason why huge Nandi unable to enter the altar with narrow door waits outside— TU BAAHAR AAJAH , MEIN TERA GAAND PHAAD DOONGA.. ( Cheat Shiva , you come out, I will rape your asshole apart ) … It is a lie that Nandi’s pastime was to listen to pillow talk between Shiva and his wife Parvati—and that Nandi was a peeping tom while Shiva humped his wife . Jew Rothschild wrote over brandy and cigars , seconded by their Indian stooges like EVR Periyar and BR Ambedkar that Nandi the bull , the vahana ( vimana ) of Lord Shiva was the ORIGINAL author of KAMASUTRA… KAMA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX.. The Kamasutra you know was penned by Jew Rothschild’s agent Sir Richard Burton to make the Indian self loathing and convert to Christanity.. Richard Francis Burton did NOT know about Kerala Danava Maharishi Vatsayana the original author of Kamasutra a honorable life manual which had nothing to do with sex of semen.. Kama sutra had a deep impact on ancient Indian society meant for the GRIHASTHA stage of life ( age 25 to age 50).. The Kama Sutra teaches you what the other person’s needs are (physically and mentally) and how to fulfill them. KAMA IS “DESIRABLE ACTION WITH INTENTION ” .. Let me quota a verse from Rig Veda (10:129), Nasadiya Sukta downloaded 400 centuries ago and penned down 7000 years ago in Sanskrit…. #### कामस्तदग्रॆ समवर्तताधि मनसॊ रॆत: प्रथमं यदासीत् .सतॊबन्धुमसति निरविन्दन्हृदि प्रतीष्या कवयॊ मनीषा ॥४॥..KAMAstadagre samavartatadhi | manaso retah prathamam yadasit |..sato bandhumasati niravindanna | hrudi pratishya kavayo manisha || 4 ||---- “In the great cosmic mind all pervading.. Vibrations of KAMA sprout from conscious thought.. The seers who have searched within with wisdom.. Have witnessed the conscious equation between matter and energy”.. ####.. It is a lie that Basaveshwara ( God of lingayaths cooked up by Jew Rothschild ) is a re-incarnation of Nandi the bull.. Lingayaths have been fooled into burying their dead.. Most Lingayaths were traitors during Rothschild’s rule.. It is a lie that after Samudra Manthan cosmic allegories Shiva fucked Vishnu’s asshole and produced mortal Vishnu avatar Ayyappa as told by CONMAN AND DROHI SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR whom Modi gave Padma Vibhushan award.. Ayyappa was born 5900 years ago. Samudra Manthan happened in antiquity.. #### पाञ्चजन्यं हृषीकेशो देवदत्तं धनञ्जय: |.. पौण्ड्रं दध्मौ महाशङ्खं भीमकर्मा वृकोदर: || 15||.. Bhagavad Gita 1.15 , 4000 BC.. panchajanyam hrishikesho devadattam dhananjayah.. paundram dadhmau maha-shankham bhima-karma vrikodarah… pāñchajanyam—the conch shell named Panchajanya; hṛiṣhīka-īśhaḥ—Shree Krishna, the Lord of the mind and senses; devadattam—the conch shell named Devadutta; dhanam-jayaḥ—Arjun, the winner of wealth; pauṇḍram—the conch named Paundra; dadhmau—blew; mahā-śhaṅkham—mighty conch; bhīma-karmā—one who performs herculean tasks; vṛika-udaraḥ—Bheem, the voracious eater… Translation:- BG 1.15: Hrishikesh blew his conch shell, called PANCHAJANYA, and Arjun blew the Devadutta. Bheem, the voracious eater and performer of herculean tasks, blew his mighty conch, called Paundra. ####… At every literary fest foreign funded commies denigrate Shiva.. We know who they are.. A short rope and a lamp post is earmarked for all of them.. Just see the sheer vehemence of this commie JNU female professor.. She is a Malayali.. Is she fit to mold young minds ?..#### ###.. We know the ugly OLD commie female professors of JNU who have sex with young HUNK male commie / Islamic students and pass their useless plagiarized projects….


TILL TODAY NOBODY HAS BEEN ABLE TO EXPLAIN SOMA..  If I don’t reveal this in my last post, it will remain a mystery till the sun goes supernova.. Soma was an LSD millions of times more potent, with 159 verses dedicated to it in Rig Veda.. The Maharishis with 12 strand DNA and Vishnu avatars with 13 strand DNA and king sized pineal glands, did not need Soma a creeper juice, which has nano colloid Iridium inherent in it..  Soma breached the blood brain barrier.. The lesser rishis consumed SOMA TO PEEK BEYOND THE VEIL OF MAYA, THE QUANTUM SCREEN.. The sages could separate the self from the body and do astral soul travel faster than light.. They could use their brains like laser beams.  Jivan Mukts who knew SWARA YOGA could do this without Soma .. They offered certain molecules to their brain receptor sites by breath flow alone,  more satisfying than  Soma.. They could see you as MATTER as who you are, and by modulating their breath or see you as WAVES ,a quantum soup...  If you are not shocked you have not understood what I said..  Akasha, the macro morphogenetic consciousness field , as per Vedanta is the source of everything that exists, and in which the memory of the cosmos is encoded. By consuming Soma, lesser rishis were able to access the Akashik knowledge bank.  Consciousness ( brahman ) is the only element in creation that knows itself..  “prajnānam brahma”–   brahman knows everything.. In the two verses below Krishna becomes a mouth piece of BrahmAn the morphogenetic field of consciousness ..the Hindu Advaita God.. #### मया ततमिदं सर्वं जगदव्यक्तमूर्तिना |..मत्स्थानि सर्वभूतानि चाहं तेष्ववस्थित: || 4| Bhagavad Gita 9.4, 4000 BC.|.. maya tatam idam sarvam jagad avyakta-murtina.. mat-sthani sarva-bhutani na chaham teshvavasthitah…..mayā—by Me; tatam—pervaded; idam—this; sarvam—entire; jagat—cosmic manifestation; avyakta-mūrtinā—the unmanifested form; mat-sthāni—in Me; sarva-bhūtāni—all living beings; na—not; cha—and; aham—I; teṣhu—in them; avasthitaḥ—dwell… Translation:-. BG 9.4: This entire cosmic manifestation is pervaded by Me in My unmanifest form. All living beings dwell in Me, but I do not dwell in them… #####.. #### मत्स्थानि भूतानि पश्य मे योगमैश्वरम् |..भूतभृन्न भूतस्थो ममात्मा भूतभावन: || 5|| Bhagavad Gita 9.5, 4000 BC ….na cha mat-sthani bhutani pashya me yogam aishwaram..bhuta-bhrin na cha bhuta-stho mamatma bhuta-bhavanah…—never; cha—and; mat-sthāni—abide in Me; bhūtāni—all living beings; paśhya—behold; me—My; yogam aiśhwaram—divine energy; bhūta-bhṛit—the sustainer of all living beings; na—never; cha—yet; bhūta-sthaḥ—dwelling in; mama—My; ātmā—Self; bhūta-bhāvanaḥ—the Creator of all beings…Translation:-- BG 9.5: And yet, the living beings do not abide in Me. Behold the mystery of My divine energy! Although I am the Creator and Sustainer of all living beings, I am not influenced by them or by material nature…####.. Some strange inconsistency this-- Verse 4 admits the existence of beings in Brahman while Verse 5 denies the existence of beings in Brahman.. AIYOO IPPIDI NAAN PAAKKAVAI ILLAI!.. The ghost is not in me nor I am in the ghost. In fact, there never was a ghost. The ghost you perceive is only your fuckin’ imagination and not based on any fact or reality. The existence of beings admitted in Verse 4 has only an illusory appearance to the eyes of the deluded. Beings do not actually exist, Brahman alone exists. While in dream state we do not see the connection between the dream world and our mind. Only on waking up we understand such connection. Our mind alone projected the dream world which on waking up disappeared. In Turiya state upon realizing the Self, you can see the relation between the universe and God, Brahman. Infinite brahmAn ( ZPF ) cannot be contained in a finite universe.. BrahmAn (Advaita Vedanta ) is neither the container nor the contained. In this ZERO POINT FIELD there is not the slightest trace of duality.. In brahmAn’s purest essence He is above the law of cause and effect. In the final realization, the object and the subject become one; the whole universe merges in the field .. In that state brahmAn remains as One ( singularity - Bindu of Sri Yantra ) without a second, a homogeneous concentration of consciousness.. The concepts of container and contained, cause and effect, apply to the realm of manifestation or maya. Through maya even though brahmAn manifests in the tangible, relative universe, and appears to be its cause and support, yet He is always One without a second, transcendental, incorporeal and unattached. This is His eternal mystery - ‘My Divine Mystery’ as the Krishna as a mouthpiece of BrahmAn ( not mediator Trinity god Vishnu of Dvaita Vedanta ) puts it in the Verse 5… In the Bhagavatam ( 5000 BC ) , the Vedas praise brahmAn :-- vilajjamānayā yasya sthātumīkṣhā-pathe ’muyā (2.5.13)…. “Maya feels embarrassed to even stand before God.” Although God pervades Maya, the material energy, yet He is aloof from it.. Krishna tells Arjuna that BrahmAn is the Ultimate Cause of All, the Uncaused Cause. His unmanifested form is Consciousness.. . Nothing can exist in this world unless the brahmAn the field of consciousness , forms its substratum. Upanishads declare that BrahmAn after creating the objects entered them as their indwelling consciousness to enliven them.. Brahman, God, exists as the unmanifest Reality and pervades everywhere. Nothing exists other than Brahman. Yet because of delusion ( maya ) we see only the manifested world of beings and not it’s underlying Reality. We superimpose the illusory world on the eternal Reality, Brahman the field. Brahman exists without the world, but the world’s existence depends upon Brahman. A thing devoid of inner reality cannot exist or be an object of experience. BrahmAn is the inner reality of everything.. The reality of brahmAn makes real everything in this world. But the reality of brahmAn does not depend upon the world. He always exists whether the universe of names and forms exists or not. BrahmAn is incorporeal and therefore has no real contact with the material world. He cannot be contained in any object. He is self-existent and self-luminous. Only a fraction of brahmAn illumines the sun, the moon and the universe. But brahmAn himself is transcendental. As per vedanta we are essentially holographic energy beings existing in a state of resonance with the scalar field of the cosmos.. Consciousness is the intelligence, the organizing principle behind the arising of form, unlike what mad man Charles Darwin says.. ###### #####… The quantum field or pure consciousness is influenced by intention and desire. Consciousness is the intelligent force that started the blueprint which ultimately manifested itself as a particular form.. There is a consciousness in every molecule of matter. All atoms in the entire universe are capable of mind reading and communicating with other atoms. The expanded abilities of self awareness is abstract reasoning, free will, creativity, foresight etc. Your thoughts have power; they can set up circumstances for our success or our demise, hurt or help others and lead us into journeys of enlightenment or toil. Our consciousness literally creates the universe around us. In Sanatana Dharma prayer is a form of intention while being in a frame of gratitude to the supreme force.. Prayer is not begging for mercy like in other single messiah / single holy book religions.. When a Hindu prays he does not need to listen to someone hollering brainwash stuff on loudspeaker — that only my god is CHENGA , EKDUM AWWAL — No 1 , baki religions ka gods sab chootiya…all this at an unearthly hour before sunrise, depriving all of REM sleep.. .#### ####… In 1905, German Jew Albert Einstein discovered that light acts as both a particle and a wave. Every single thing –100% for which Einstein was awarded is stolen from the Vedas. Einstein just gave them a math veneer .. Remember Jew Albert Einstein was very poor in math and he outsourced his math to India.. #### ####… The shishya of a gurukul broke free of ordinary human conditioning and attained a state called awakening by NIDIDHYASANA . He broke through into universal consciousness itself, and beyond that even, into the pure awareness of the absolute. Don’t ever think that laws are karma are savage superstition. Vedas provided the springboard for quantum physics.. It is scalar energy intention that creates karma. Good intentions will always create “good karma”. You can hide your intentions from others but not from yourself or the universe.. Karma is a universal law rooted in quantum physics ; it cannot be broken. You are a small cog within many other cogs. When you move, you move all the other cogs. This is about consciousness and quantum physics. There is no dogma or superstition here. Sanatana Dharma is enmeshed with karma— karma gives us hope, in this lifetime. Karma doctrine makes Sanatana Dharma a great religion. There is no eternal hell in Sanatana Dharma. A criminal soul parked in the first astral layer ( temporary purgatory ) is let out by Ganesha, to give the soul a chance to break through the barrier to astral layers two to six and finally into the seventh astral layer.. Karma is the physical manifestation of the law of balance and harmony, as it applies to the results of decisions reached and attitudes held by beings capable of free will and choice. Karma is an unbreakable law of the cosmos. You deserve everything that happens to you, good or bad. You created your own happiness and your misery. We don’t have the SAVIOR JESUS or MERCIFUL ALLAH concept.. Your intentional actions create your future. What you are experiencing right now is what your karma wants you to experience . .. You can’t escape from your past, but learning from it will change your future. Karma is real. Karma is your bond with the past.. YOUR PAST LIFE KARMA DECIDED WHICH WOMB YOU WILL BE BORN AND WHICH PART OF THE WORLD YOU WILL BORN IN, AS YOUR FATE .. The whole universe is observing you. Karma treats everyone equally. You won’t get special treatment. No one can harm you when your intentions are pure. The universe wants harmony. It seeks balance. Karma plants a seed. Over time it will grow. At just the right moment, the exact moment, you will reap the fruit of your karma. Karma makes you experience what you have done to others. Remember the purpose of karma is not revenge. The universe is not vengeful. The purpose of karma is to help you become a better person. The consequences of your actions good or bad may will follow you into the next life. God has not treated all the same. Destiny is created by man’s thoughts, habits and character. There is every chance for his correction and improvement by changing his thoughts and habits. The scoundrel can become a saint.. The Doctrine of Karma only can bring solace, contentment, peace and strength to the afflicted and the desperate. It solves our difficulties and problems of life. It gives encouragement to the hopeless and the forlorn. It pushes a man to right thinking, right speech and right action.. The most important part of your life will be the unseen random acts of kindness you performed. A person who will put money in a box only if cameras are on him—or will donate for charity only if his name comes in the donors list in a newspaper—this fellow’s negative karmic baggage increases.. Remember, when you give charity—let it be unknown to all.. Give when you can without hesitating. You don’t have to be seen by others.. Kindness gives others hope. Your inconvenience is minor if you stop to help someone. But for them it means a great deal. Kindness is the most valuable gift you can give to someone. It changes them. By lifting up someone in need you automatically lift yourself.. In that instant, you make the world a better place. . Next time when you are driving, try giving a lift to someone whom you always ignored—someone who cannot give you any help. You have free will. Therefore your future cannot already be written. That would not be fair. Life gives you chances.. Rewriting your karma involves becoming conscious of your inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs..


Mindfulness is the most powerful technique of all. Spend time every day learning how to observe your inner chatter without identifying with it. This leads to self-awareness.. Develop a sense of gratitude. Count your blessings –not your sorrows.. Stop resisting life and other people. Get out of your own way. Learn to flow with life and all of its lessons, painful or not.. Be fair. As a ship captain at sea, I was always FAIR— and sailors remember me for this. They knew that captain cared a flyin’ fuck for any rulebook when it came to be fair.. Having a sense of purpose gives us direction, hope and empowerment. Listen to your soul and the mission it has for you.. Our thoughts create our reality. Think negative thoughts, and our lives will be full of negativity.. The universe is woven from consciousness .. It knows what goes on in your mind.. Karma is “intention based ” not action based.. If you do a bad deed with good intention, you dont get bad karma– and vice versa. . Karma is that catalyst that connects actions and thoughts with the quantum ripples of energy that in essence creates this dynamism in life here and hereafter.. This is why intention is such a powerful thing. It moves the cosmos.. The thing with karma is that it doesn’t always happen immediately. Sometimes we have to wait for years. Sometimes our karma arrives without us even knowing it, or knowing what form it has taken.. Don’t dwell on your past mistakes or worry about what might happen in the future because that will attract negativity into your life. When you are unconcerned about what life deals you, you will probably find that you achieve success effortlessly. . We need to use our intuition to guide us when to stand up for ourselves and when to just accept things as they are. If we are honest with ourselves and put our egos to one side we will know.. Karma catches up behind closed doors, unlike what charlatan Padma Vibhushan guru Sadgu Jaggi Vasudev told on TV, gay men can have anal sex behind closed doors.. If you don’t support homosexuality and anal sex you cannot come in a main stream media studio or news outlet.. Karma is a universal law; it cannot be broken.. The doctrine of karma teaches: “do not blame anybody when you suffer. Do not accuse god. Blame yourself first. You will have to reap what you have sown in your previous birth.. An individual’s karma is based on their thoughts, words, and intentional actions and the choices they make.. Karma is not punishment or retribution but simply an expression or consequence of natural acts.. Karma is like a seed, most of the times karma does not fructify immediately after the seed is sown.. “Law of karma” is like a universal law say “law of gravity” – it applies whether you accept or reject the law.. Karma means you create your own life. Karma is an unbreakable law of the cosmos. You deserve everything that happens to you, good or bad. You created your happiness and your misery. The whole universe is observing you.. Karma treats everyone equally. You won’t get special treatment.. The doctrine of karma only can bring solace, contentment, peace and strength to the afflicted and the desperate. It solves our difficulties and problems of life.. It gives encouragement to the hopeless and the forlorn. It pushes a man to right thinking, right speech and right action. The most important part of your life will be the unseen random acts of kindness you performed. The thing with karma is that it doesn’t always happen immediately. Sometimes we have to wait for years. Sometimes our karma arrives without us even knowing it, or knowing what form it has taken. Remember the purpose of karma is not revenge. The universe is not vengeful. The purpose of karma is to help you become a better person.. As ego reduces , karmic baggage lightens, and your soul frequency increases.. Karma is self-balancing divine justice; it is 100% fair and absolutely infallible. It doesn’t matter if a criminal seems to “get away with it”, because there is no getting away with it – karma will eventually catch up with him.. Karma is simply an opportunity to make good – it neither punishes nor rewards; it simply guides. The aim of every religion is to give hope.. But the single messiah / single holy book religions put you under servility. The mullahs and popes want to save you–because they have a hot line with god you see. In Sanatana Dharma there is no middle man between you and god.. The purport of the term karma is to make individuals take ownership for their conscious actions. The consequences of your actions good or bad may will follow you into the next life. . ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOOBARA hedonism is a concept of single messiah burial religions.. The doctrine of karma brings hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, joy to the cheerless and new strength to the weak. It braces up a sunken man. It is an ideal “pick-me-up” for the depressed and gloomy. The doctrine of karma teaches: “do not blame anybody when you suffer. Do not accuse god. Blame yourself first. You will have to reap what you have sown in your previous birth. Your present sufferings are due to your own bad karma in your past life. You are yourself the author of the present state. All 4200 religions except Sanatana Dharma infused you with guilt and fear.. Guilt is a form of punishment. Guilt deprives man of REM sleep. Painful results in your life come from actions you took that clashed with the laws of the universe. The pain drives home the lesson. Karma is the physical manifestation of the law of balance and harmony, as it applies to the results of decisions reached and attitudes held by beings capable of free will and choice.. Your intentional actions create your future. What you are experiencing right now is what karma wants you to experience.. You can’t escape from your past, but learning from it will change your future… Karma is scalar energy based quantum physics and is real. Karma is your bond with the past. Karma teaches you and makes your knowledge of the world more complete.. Your present sufferings are due to your own bad karma in your past life. You are yourself the author of the present state.. Our traitor Indian judiciary has never followed Sanatana Dharma which is enmeshed with karma.. Karma gives us hope, in this lifetime.. Sanatana dharma does not advocate fatalism- what will be is not what must be.. Hinduism leaves man quite free to act, using his own conscience ( which is not afforded by any other single holy book / single messiah religions ). Sanatana Dharma just guides by pointing man in the right direction. Hinduism states that we are the masters of our own destiny. It is for us to make it, to better it or to spoil it. This is our privilege. This is our responsibility. You have control over karma but generally you don’t have control over fate. GOD HOLDS THE FATE SWITCH IN HIS POCKET. If you utilize the sannyasa ashrama stage to its full potential, you can alter your fate for the future rebirth life too. Such is the wonder of Sanatana Dharma.. Remember, it is impossible to avoid your karmic destiny. .. this is energy absed quantum physics.. Karma exists to protect us and to guide us back on track when we go astray. There is NO authority in Hinduism . The Shankaracharya of original four mutts do not wield any power like the pope. The tools of Sanatana Dharma like Karma and Moksha makes the Hindu ethical and moral. You find white tourists coming to India and writing when they go home: “Hindus do NOT care for the beggar on the street “.. Hey mister tourist — DID YOU CARE ? YOU TOOK A PHOTO FOR YOUR OWN SELFISH REASONS, RIGHT?.. This is like BR Ambedkar moaning to the white invader —the Brahmin did NOT drink from my cup .. HULLLOOO Ambedkar paaji —did you check out if the white man would drink from the brahmin’s cup ( leave alone your cup ).. Thiru EVR Periyar , Mahatma Phule saab , Kancha Ilaiah SQUEAK etc do NOT know that in ancient times Brahmins lived by begging ( except in Kerala where they were protected by Parashurama ) Aryan Namboodiris who knew Vedas on oral route owned all the land . . Every ancient Purana and Panchatantra story started off with there was a POOR Brahmin living in a hut.. No Hindu ever fights in the name of god. . Whatever divisions are fissures are there ( more than 1000 of them ) were all created by German Jew Rothschild who ruled India, as a DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY.. There are NO inquisitions where the Christian priests revel in torture and killing of Kaffirs by FATWA of Mullahs . Hindus do NOT rush out of temples on Friday noon as a murderous mob to lynch people of other religions . Hinduism has never advocated conversion, all are aware of this truth. The exodus has already started. I predict in another 10 years almost all Christians will cremate their bodies . People of other religions now ponder about the SOUL.. Their evangelists lecture on the soul, though it is not mentioned in their holy book.. Bhakti movement laid total emphasis on Bhakti or devotion to God as the ONLY means to achieve moksha. The word SHRADDHA was replaced by BHAKTI in our scriptures. This kicked laws of karma and thus Sanatana Dharma in the teeth . Lot of fake gurus came out of the woodwork or fake mutts created by Jew Rothschild.. There are fake gurus who claim they are re-incarnations of some guru who got moksha before. These pathetic idiots must know that once a soul gets moksha , it wont be re-inducted back on earth.. EARTH IS A SCHOOL FOR BRAHMAN.. LIFE IS THE MEANS BY WHICH BRAHMAN UNDERSTANDS HIMSELF.. Every bad act ( bad karma ) lowers the soul vibrations.. Every good act ( good karma ) raises the soul vibrations. Soul is a ball of energy. Karma is thus scalar energy.. A brahmin can go to the lowest purgatory astral layer and a dalit/ shudra can rise to the highest astral layer seven get moksha . It is about soul frequency and not which mortal body ( shudra / brahmin ) this soul dwelt in while on earth .. Only within the broad framework offered by just such a sacred science can we hope to truly grasp the “whole elephant” of synchronicity, and not simply one of its appendages, as exemplified by the rare and dramatic coincidence.. Western science has operated for centuries on the assumption that we can understand the universe without understanding ourselves. We are just now seeking to make the necessary connection between the general laws of nature the those of our own (inner) nature. But the job won’t be done with “massive injections of the new consciousness”; we cannot democratize the sacred by cheapening its demands.. We Hindus were the first to pray on this planet.. We were the first to understand the meaning of intention and consciousness intention and , meditation can affect and influence quantum particles – the smallest components of matter that form our physical universe.. We were the first to break a coconut inside a temple with intention.. When you break the coconut you must shut off your internal mind-monkey chatter, be in the moment for the brief ALPHA STATE without ego , make your ” intention” ring the tuning fork of your consciousness — to resonate to the quantum level energy matrix — and unleash the scalar waves at the speed of thought , like a tsunami — nay –soliton– into the fabric of space time , to do its own miracle. The soul of a Hindu who drowned at sea can be propelled by the solition wave of a coconut bust into a suitable deserving astral layer.. The whole of the west ridiculed the power of consciousness of Hindu Vedanta, as coolie verses and mumbo jumbo–about conscious observation, human intention and coconut breaking in rituals.. not anymore!.. The Vedic system speaks of interconnectedness between the observer and the observed. Erwin Schrodinger (1961) wrote that the Vedic slogan “ALL IN ONE AND ONE IN ALL” was a vedic holographic idea that led him to the creation of quantum mechanics.. It was Erwin Schrodinger and his fellow scientist Werner Heisenberg who first said “QUANTUM THEORY WILL NOT LOOK RIDICULOUS TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE READ INDIAN VEDANTA”.. Vishnu avatar souls ( Rama / Krishna / Ayyappa ) are BrahmAn himself– the highest frequency souls. They have more than 13 strand DNA ( nil junk ) and are supermen. While on earth , they did not disturb the laws of karma , though they could. They subjected themselves to laws of Karma. Krishna was cursed by Queen Tara ( wife of Kerala King Vali ) and by Queen Gandhari ( wife of blind King Dhritarashtra ).. Krishna waited for his vulnerable foot to be pieced by an arrow sent by hunter Jara ( King Vali in his previous birth ) .. RAM knew that he would be killed by King Vali in his next birth as Krishna . He knew it was coming and he welcomed it. There is no speculation in Vedanta. Srutis were picked off from Akasha by 12 strand DNA Maharishi seers . This is why 400 century old Vedas has stood the test of time.. IT IS ETERNAL –SANATANA DHARMA.. IT IS NOT COCK AN BULL OF SINGLE HOLY BOOK RELIGIONS TOUTED AS WORD OF GOD ..


45 years ago I had a white Christian padre sitting next to me.. He started ridiculing Hinduism.. He started off with Vishnu avatar Vamana taking giant strides , Krishna showing his viraat roop to Arjuna.. So I told him “ You are a CUNT with a shallow brain.. You wont understand.. You can go no further than the church in your miserable life.. The best brains among white man don’t have a problem with Vedabta “.. Vishnu avatars had 13 strand DNA.. They could display their bodies as energy waves not matter.. They could project themselves as a giant hologram.. Watch the video below at 1:05 where genius Robert Oppenheimer , the father of the Atom bomb tears up as he gives a remark to the media after the first atomic blast on July 16, 1945, in the Trinity test in New Mexico..  ..  ####   ####... It is written very clearly in our Vedas downloaded 400 centuries ago and penned down 70 centuries ago about the power within the nucleus of an atom.. That this power within the nucleus is a minuscule percentage of the power of the empty space ( 99.99999 % ) with in the atom in which the electrons whizz around.. This empty space is called BrahmAn , the Hindu god .. ####   ####... Robert Oppenheimer was proficient in Sanskrit, he wrote in his will that he wants to be cremated as per Hindu rites and had the Bhagavad Gita by his bed side, like every other white Quantum physicist who kicked away their Torahs and Bibles cooked up by Jewess Helena in 325 AD...  In the video below almost all the girls shat in their panties.. ####  ####... HOLOGRAM is different from HOLOGRAPH.. Kerala Danava King Kalanemi Jr ( from my hometown Calicut ) built the Meidum pyramid and Bent pyramid at Dahsur , Egypt , 10400 BC using the QUEEN ANGLE OF SRI YANTRA 54 degrees 27 minutes 44 seconds .. The apex emanated huge holograms seen for hundreds of miles .. Both were destroyed by the king’s  vimana later after its use , to save the planet from a cataclysmic event. was over.. ####   ####.. ####    ####.. 6 millenniums after Bent/ Meidum pyramids were built by Kerala king Kalanemi, Imhotep ( Vishnu’s ninth avatar Ayyappa ) built Giza pyramids with the SRI YANTRA KING ANGLE of 51 degrees 41 minutes 38 seconds.. the apex emanated a huge blue plasma glow seen for hundreds of miles .. Nobody knew that the Giza pyramid was built with EIGHT SIDES, as per principles of VAASTU..  ####   ####... A SEED OF A TREE OR A BAR MAGNET IS PURNAM.. WHERE EVERY BIT IS A PART OF THE WHOLE… FROM INFINITY YOU SUBTRACT INFINITY AND INFINITY REMAINS.. This is most eloquently described in a verse of the Yajurvada ( Isa Upanishad ) penned down downloaded 400 centuries ago and penned down 70 centuries years ago.. This is the most profound verse ever written or will be written by man till the sun goes supernova -  it is pregnant with profound truths.. It cannot be grasped by the shallow minds of white men..  ####   ####... Om Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudachyate.. Purnasya Purnamadaya Purnamevavashisyate .. From infinity is born infinity… When infinity is taken out of infinity, only infinity is left over… Om, the BrahmAn is infinite, whole and complete… MEANING--The whole creation of brahmAn the field, constitutes one whole HOLOGRAPHIC unit.  Each and every particle, non-living or living represents the same whole unit. There is no place where this whole is not present.  The changeless and indivisible character of the Infinite Reality, in spite of forms appearing to be created within it.  The Infinite is non-dual and there can be no dealings with it… Every part of a hologram contains the image of the whole object. even a tiny fragment will still contain the whole picture.. The verse  explains the self-sustaining nature of the cosmos..  Traitor Modi is allowing our Vedic PURNAM seeds to be converted to GMO seeds which are not self sustaining ..  We are not even sure of the contents of the SEED BANK ( vault ) in the Himalayas.. Jewish Deep state darling has ignored more than 1000 of my critical suggestions for survival of our Watan.. He will be punished by VADAKAYIL most severely .. Here is a verse from Nasadiya Sukta of Rig Veda..10th Mandala ..129 sukta..  ####   ####.. VERSE NO 6--  को अद्धा वेद इह प्र वोचत् कुत आजाता कुत इयंविसृष्टिः..  अर्वाग् देवा अस्य विसर्जनेनाथा को वेद यतआबभूव.. ko addha veda ka iha pravochat | kut ajata kut iyam visrushtih |.  arvagdeva asya visarjanaya | atha ko veda yata ababhuva || 6 ||..  Who really knows? Who in this world may declare it!.. When was this holographic exhalation , whence will be the pralaya inhalation?.. Only after this holographic projection ( ADVAITA ) came the field gods.. Who move nature’s opposites ( DVAITA ) . Who truly can say !.... The KALASHA KUMBHAM is a living metaphor “ the seed contains the whole”. This is the most potent symbol of Sanatana Dharma and is showcased as temple spires..Enemy from within, Modi tweeted the picture of a Kalasha Kumbam impaled by a stick upside down ( sans Ganges water and coconut )  on Gudi Padwa festival day, , the way his master Jew Rothschild wants... This science of Holography is still at the baby crawl stage.. Electronic quantum holography (also known as quantum holographic data storage) is an information storage technology which can encode and read out data at unprecedented density..Akashic banks are holographic, accessed by 12 strand DNA Maharishis with holographic brain / fractal minds..   Because space time is holographic, Maharishis could access it by quantum processes inside their brains.  The Vedic Maharishis were clairvoyants.  Clairvoyance is the ability of one person to “tune in” to another person’s field of consciousness and pick up their thoughts – both the conscious and unconscious ones..  Vedas say that human consciousness is formed by quantum effects in or between brain cells.   Structures inside brain neurons called microtubules as sources of laser-like coherence for the brain’s vibrational hierarchy.  The brain processes and stores information holographically as a massively parallel processing and associative computer system.Vedanta is the very science of consciousness at both human and cosmic levels. It recognises consciousness as the ultimate reality and affirms its presence in all existence. Mantra is the sound-body of consciousness.. In a hologram, any part of the hologram with sufficient size contains the whole of the stored information.  A piece of a long-term memory is similarly distributed over a dendritic arbor so that each part of the dendritic network contains all the information stored over the entire network.  Holograms encode distributed information as multi-scalar interference of coherent vibrations, e.g. from lasers. Vedas say that brain is a holographic storage device… This model allows for important aspects of human consciousness, including the fast associative memory that allows for connections between different pieces of stored information and the non-locality of memory storage (a specific memory is not stored in a specific location, i.e. a certain neuron) device.. Vishnu’s avatar No 1 is the conscious dolphin. The dolphin can pass the mirror and color test which can be passed only by humans and couple of animals like elephants and bonobos. . Only conscious mammals can think clearly and make plans..  India ruled the whole planet before 7000 BC.  We Hindus gave values.  We gave and never took. Even today nobody eats dolphin meat—though the meat is tasty and nutritious .. That killing a dolphin is akin to killing a man.. Vishnus Matsya avatar told us about OM,  the frequency 7.83 hertz ,  about DNA, about consciousness— these are primal truths.. Yet the white historian calls Hindu Indians pagan ,heathen savages. Not any more !..  While introducing Nikola Tesla to Akasha or longitudinal field ZPF waves , in 1903, Vivekananda  told him -“Every part is a whole and everything springs from the whole”. This was 45 years before a hologram was even invented…  As per Vedanta we are essentially holographic energy beings existing in a state of resonance with the scalar field of the cosmos. . The brain without consciousness is inert and lifeless. Consciousness is a form of matter just as matter is a form of consciousness..  CUNT Wikipedia does not know that ENERGY is SCALAR.. The interference patterns of the scalar waves form a huge hologram that permeates the whole of the universe.  Intention is like the tuning fork which causes other forks to resonate to the same frequency. Chromosomes that are damaged by X-rays, for instance, can be repaired by simply applying vibration.. This non-linear field is holographic and holds information of not only past history by even every thought , emotion and feeling held in the right hand subconscious lobe of your brain. This explains the power of prayer and intention. The whole cosmos is interconnected in this field and speed is NOT restricted to Einstein’s SPEED OF LIGHT.. The master cellular control system of the human body is holographic. Nothing we experience escapes being imprinted into our Cellular Hologram in the form of a cell memory.  What we commonly refer to as “The Cellular Memory” is the collective energy field generated by these individual cell memories.. DNA blueprint functions as a bio-hologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical form. DNA can be influenced by acoustic, electromagnetic and SCALAR WAVES.. The interference patterns of the scalar waves form a huge hologram that permeates the whole of the universe. The body is holographic— when you influence one bio marker , you influence all..  Pineal gland is literally the third eye. Ancient maharishis and Vishnu’s mortal avatars used their pineal glands for laser beams.  When you raise your Kundalini, the whole brain turns into a BOSE CONDENSATE.. Bose-Einstein condensates are weird states of particles that have the same energy level and behave like one super-particle.  A ‘condensate’ is a substance whose molecules have a greater order and coherence than normal.  In a ‘Bose-Einstein condensate’ the molecules not only have a high degree of order but they also overlap and the condensate behaves like a unit. By feeding extra prana energy to the cell walls of living tissue, the cells would line up in the most orderly, condensed way we know – the ‘Bose-Einstein condensate’ – and the cell walls would start acting as a unit..  Satyendra Nath  Bose was denied a Nobel prize, as Indians were at that time made to feel that we are an inferior race— though every single discovery and invention of that Quantum age , had its roots in our  Vedas.. Holograms are all about changing the angle at which two lasers strike a piece of photographic film- to record many different images on same surface.. Today we have shriveled calcified pineal glands ( like a dried up raisin ) and 2 strand DNA ( 97% junk ) — yet our brain is a holographic machine existing in a holographic Universe.. In a hologram, any part of the hologram  contains the whole of the stored information.  Every part of the stored information is distributed over the entire hologram.   A piece of a long-term memory is distributed over a dendritic arbor so that each part of the dendritic network contains all the information stored over the entire network..   Non-locality of information storage within the hologram is crucial, because even if most parts are damaged, the entirety will be contained within even a single remaining part..  Memories are stored within certain general regions, but stored non-locally within those regions. This allows the brain to maintain function and memory even when it is damaged..  Children retain normal intelligence when even half is removed.  Memory is not lost when the brain is sliced in different cross-sections.. The quantum world cannot be observed by our 5 senses ( never mind what IDIOT newton said ) , and they do NOT follow the cause and effect laws of classical physics..  The whole cosmos is interconnected in this field and speed is NOT restricted to speed of light.  Both “Time” and “Space” exist within the realm of our all pervading consciousness .. Vedas have told us 400 centuries ago that brahmAn is the fundamental entity from which everything else has come.  CUNT Charles Darwin and his monkey gang may NOT agree. . 7000 years before the hologram was invented Vedanta has WRITTEN about the holographic universe and the holographic function of the brain.. The hologram has the power to hold and process enormous amounts of data.  In holography, a three dimensional image of an object is filmed with a laser.  The amazing part is that any part of the holographic picture may be used to recreate the whole image. .Each of the 30 TRILLION CELLS that make up the body contains the complete version of the original DNA, that was the source of the entire body.  Each part of the holographic picture contains the whole image.  In the holographic theory of the universe, the universe is represented by each component, regardless of the size.. Each point within your holographic cellular memory contains all the information of the whole. This information is infinitely accessible to each and every cell of your body. If you magnify your cells down to your atoms, you would see that you are made up of subtle bundles of “info-energy.”


What is in the macrocosm is in this microcosm.- Chandogya Upanishad 5000 BC.. This profound statement can be understood only by intelligent people who understand the holographic concept..  The microcosm-macrocosm analogy of Vedas declares a structural similarity between the human being (the microcosm, i.e., the small order or the small universe) and the cosmos as a whole (the macrocosm, i.e., the great order or the great universe)..  Truths about the nature of the cosmos as a whole are congruent and hence may be inferred from truths about human nature, and vice versa..  The cosmological functions of the seven classical planets ( leave out Uranus/ Neptune /. Pluto ) are analogous to the physiological functions of human organs, such as the heart, the spleen etc . The microcosm-macrocosm analogy is from where we get the 108 marmas used in Ayurveda and Kalari and of course the 72 major Nadis..  ####   CHAKRA NAME      / CHAKRA SANSKRIT NAME/      CHAKRA PLANET/ GLANDS….. Root Chakra/ Muladhara / Mars/  Gonads…Sacral Chakra / Svadhishthana/ Venus /  Adrenal gland ..Solar Plexus Chakra/  Manipura /Sun / Pancreas .. Heart Chakra/     Anahata /Moon/  Thymus .. Throat Chakra/ Vishuddha /Mercury/ Thyroid gland .. Third Eye Chakra/    Ajna /Saturn/ Pineal gland .. Crown Chakra/ Sahasrara/Jupiter/ Pituitary gland….….. #####.... The cosmic hologram reveals the unity of consciousness and its macrocosmic expression as our Universe, all-pervasive and essentially  unified while being played out on all levels and scales of existence and myriad levels of awareness.  The universe is an organized as a system of ‘nested hierarchies’ within an overall unity. We have BEEJ mantras for every chakra.  The same mathematical concepts and equations for  atoms and light also govern musical instruments and tones.. Our Maharishis pondered on quantum reality and have has revealed that the world of everyday matter, embodies concepts of extraordinary beauty and harmony..  Ordinary matter is built up from atoms that are, in a rich  and precise sense, tiny musical instruments. In their interplay with light,  they realize a mathematical Music of the Spheres. In molecules and ordered materials, those  atomic instruments play together as harmonious ensembles and synchronized orchestras..  Mathematical patterns are universal throughout the natural world, with the same archetypal patterns occurring in many different contexts .. Symmetry is pervasive in nature, creating order and beauty and a sense of wonder. Although symmetries are hidden from  us, we can sense that they are latent in nature, governing everything about us.  The universe  is based on order, design and pattern rather than accident and randomness. Snowflakes exhibit perfect six-sided symmetry: each fragile branch is identical to the others.  Ever wondered about the perfect Hexagonal bee hive created by the BUZZZ longitudinal wave sound of honey bees?.. Symmetry leads to  economy and nature, like human beings, seems to prefer economy.  There is a deep underlying holographic cosmic unity linking life on earth with the greater universe. Life on earth would not exist but for the features of the distant universe. The  elements which compose our bodies were hewn in the stars. We all were born with the stars at the same split micro second..  The Vedas reiterate that you, your grandfather and your grandson were all born at the same instant of time.. The process of  evolution is dependent on being fueled by a certain frequency of mutations,  which are caused in large measure by the bombardment of life forms by cosmic  rays from outer space. Were it not for this invisible, silent rain, life as we know  it on earth would not exist..  Our DNA itself emanated from a DIVINE PHALLUS black meteorite stone known as Shiva Lingam which landed on planet earth 65 million years ago.. ####   ####.. We would not be here now, nor could we continue  without the universe around us. Not only are we materially and morphologically  tied to the ecology of the universe, the physical behavior of our bodies and all  about us is contingent on its large-scale features . The physical laws governing  each step we take, even the blinking of an eye, are determined by the composition of the cosmos. An organism is a highly organized,  relatively independent entity, in dynamic relationship with its environment. It maintains its  form, its life, by selectively taking in the materials it needs and transforming them into its  constituents, and excreting things it does not need, or exchanging them for those it does.. To  grasp the power of the idea of the microcosm governed by the same laws and principles  evident in the larger universe, we can study the various levels and cosmic expressions of the  natural world. I kicked NASA on their collective balls and twats as they do not know the grand symphony of the cosmos, in the post below penned 11 years ago--  ####    ####..  Indeed BHARATA is the land from where BHAva- RAga and TAla originated..  54 devas and 54 danavas churned the cosmic ocean. The number 108 represents the Hindu King Mantra OM which sustains this universe.. 54 Sanskrit alphabets, 108 elements of the Periodic table of Dimitri Mendeleyeev  .. The leader of the Danavas Swarbanu was beheaded giving us Rahu and Ketu without which no horoscope can be cast. Upanishads penned own in 5000 BC, declare that we are holistic beings: not a sum of our parts.   Our brain stores information in the holographic form. Every cell in our body carries all information to produce a copy.  Each point within our hologram contains all of the information of the whole. The complete blueprint for our existence is contained and infinitely accessible in every one of our cells.  Each organ in our body renews itself after a few days or weeks. For instance, in six weeks, each cell of the liver would have died, to be replaced by new cells. Our eye cells regenerate every two days, our skin cells regenerate about every 20 to 30 days, and our stomach lining regenerates about every four days.  DNA is a self-calibrating antenna working by phase conjugate ( scalar waves and phase conjugation) adaptive resonance capable of both receiving and transmitting quantum holographic information stored in the form of diffraction patterns-quantum holograms..  Classical science of idiot Isaac Newton ,must stick to the 5 human senses, ( at it can only unravel a miniscule percentage of cosmic phenomena ) .  Anything beyond that , especially if it is microscopic like DNA –belongs to holographic Quantum science..  We see incredible order and harmony and pattern which no accident – a moron like Charles Darwin can never understand all this. To hell with evolution in this DNA age. The brain and DNA are governed by the laws of quantum physics rather than the laws of biology or neurophysiology. Our billions of cells and DNA have memories that influence our behaviour and traits.  The DNA blueprint functioning as a bio-hologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical form.. Modern Quantum physics and Vedanta address the same immeasurable and immanent nature of Absolute Reality, of which the observable phenomenological cosmos is a small bit.  The ancient 7000 year old Vedanta and quantum physics approach the subject from widely divergent points of view and use vastly different language to treat it.  Yet they can reconcile without diminishing the importance or subtlety of either..  The natural world and human realm reflect the greater cosmos, and the microscopic level of reality reveled by quantum physics also interacts with the life of humanity. The impact of our consciousness lies both in the direction of the very small and the very large.  The sword of consciousness cuts both towards the galaxy and the atom. In  the flowing connectedness that exists across all levels of organization in the  cosmos, in which consciousness affects and is affected by events in the universe, it appears as might a mysterious divine sword in the act of cutting, it cuts and is cut at the same time..  Science has come to recognize that each entity and structure in the universe is part of a  greater unity, with each part reflecting and interacting with the larger whole: “Each pattern,  whether it is a crystal, an organism, a community, a solar system, or a spiral nebula, possesses  its own internal order, so that the Universe is recognized as a System of systems, a Grand  Pattern of patterns.  The development of all  forms and patterns in the universe have their own organizing fields which are derived from an  all-encompassing primal holographic unified field.. Matter is scalar energy bound within fields – the quantum matter fields and the fields of molecules and so on..  HINDU GOD BRAHMAN IS THE MORPHOGENETIC FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS.. This morphic field, exist at all levels of complexity at micro and macro scale..  There is always an indeterminism or spontaneity  at all levels of organization. There are two principles: a formative principle,  which is the fields, and an energetic principle. Energy is the principle of  change, and pure change would be chaos.  Tantra is not deviant sex between Shiva and Shakti, with Nandi the bull peeping though a hole and lusting for Shiva’s asshole... Morphic resonance, the mysterious telepathy-type interconnections between organisms and of collective memories within species.. A morphogenetic field is a group of cells able to respond to discrete, localized biochemical signals leading to the development of specific morphological structures or organs. Morphic resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems.   Biological inheritance need not all be coded in the genes, or in epigenetic modifications of the genes; much of it depends on morphic resonance from previous members of the species. Thus each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and also contributes to the collective memory, affecting other members of the species in the future. The concept of a ‘holographic universe’ based on archetypal geometric forms confirms the information held within Veda srutis downloaded 400 centuries ago... As per Vedanta we are essentially holographic energy beings existing in a state of resonance with the scalar field of the cosmos. Life is fundamentally electromagnetic than biochemical, the DNA blueprint functioning as a biohologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical form. .  DNA can be influenced by acoustic, electromagnetic and scalar waves our DNA can even be “read” or “rewritten” as a textual (and acoustic!) genetic code. DNA is a biological Internet that links all human beings. .  The human brain is a holographic storage device. Holograms encode distributed information as multi-scalar interference of coherent vibrations, e.g. from lasers. . Jews stole OM and converted it to useless SHALOM.. Christians converted it to useless AMEN.. Muslims went one step further , showed OM to a mirror and read it off in number value right to left as 786..  088 was converted to 786—TEE HEEE. Yet these bastard ridicule Hindus as superstitious savages.. ####   ####.. It is obvious that the ancient Maharishis embraced the concept of a holographIcally in-formed universe and an underlying order, purpose, and meaning to the  Cosmos.. It has taken four milliniums and the advent of computers to rediscover how profound  was the ancient Hindu understanding of universal geometric relationships.. The analytic power of powerful modern computers is now enabling us to see the deceptively simple geometric patterns that underlie the diversity of complex systems. The self-similarity and scale invariance of their fragmented geometric patterns – FRACTALS – are also the basis of holograms. And fractals – the signature of the  holographic principle – are being revealed as the basic patterns, the fundamental structures that underlie the appearance of the entire manifest world. DNA exhibits quantum spiral fractal holographic transducer properties.  Laser light produces holograms when transmitted through DNA.  The hologram in physical reality follows the numeric codes of the fibonacci sequence or golden ratio. The brain is a computer run by binary code which aligns with the holograms grids of experience.. Brain information patterns repeat over spatiotemporal scales in fractal-like, nested hierarchies of neuronal networks, with resonances and interference beats.  AMRIT the fruit of Samudra Manthan reveals the fractal nature of consciousness.  Amrit is not external, it is produced inside your head.   The cobra on  Shiva ‘s shoulders depict raised kundalini and open third eye.  This self realisation (of opening the third eye) , is the ultimate goal of consciousness. The 12 strand DNA maharishis with raised Kundalinis , could read Akashik records , convert them from fractal geometry, for daily life use. Let the shallow minded white man ridicule.. Who cares ! ..The hologram in physical reality follows the numeric codes of the Fibonacci sequence or Golden ratio.  The brain is a computer run by binary code which aligns with the holograms grids of experience.. IF YOU HAVE A FRACTAL BRAIN—YOU CAN SEE VEDIC SRUTIS ARE HOLOGRAMS.. The white Jew stole the diary of Ramanujan and claimed several Nobel prizes for Math.. We know who they are..,.###   ####.. The pineal gland shoots a spark into the pituitary, and the door of BrahmAn ( consciousness ) , the brahmarandhra, is opened, never to close . You become highly perceptive and can see complex problems as fractal geometry.  Raising the kundalini  can be equated with the awakening of the silent areas of the brain . Our present consciousness is not independent, as the mind depends on the information supplied by the senses. If you have no eyes, you can never see. however, when the super consciousness emerges, experience becomes completely independent and knowledge also becomes completely independent, as you can access akashik records.


Quantum healing works outside the fabric of space and time. True natural healing takes place at the quantum level. The holographic brains extension throughout the body is the nervous system.  The pineal gland has a lot to do with the placebo effect, as it has to do with the energy body. The only reality is consciousness. It is our intent that affects reality. Mind can wipe off mistakes or deviations of the blueprint .  DNA protein scientists may not agree, that in natures perfect design nothing ever dies. Brain is the ultimate pharmacy.  It produces the ultimate body friendly  antibiotics, painkillers, tranquilisers etc with perfect dosage. This is the  reason why there are no side effects. Consciousness affecting reality is the placebo effect. The placebo effect demonstrates that there is a true “mind over matter” impact.   Quantum healing works outside the fabric of space and time.  True natural healing takes place at the quantum level. The holographic brains extension throughout the body is the nervous system. The only reality is consciousness. It is our intent that affects reality..  The observer is an intrinsic part of the main formulation of quantum mechanics, and what differentiates the observer from physical particles has to be mind and consciousness. The nine shaktis of reclining Vishnu is depicted by nine spiraling cones of 3D Sri Yantra .  It can be seen to consist of nine concentric layers that radiate outward from the bindu. The nine interlocking triangles centered around the bindu (the central point of the yantra) are drawn by the superimposition of five downward pointing triangles, representing Shakti ; the female principle and four upright triangles, representing Shiva ; the male principle. The 54 triple intersections formed are the 54 alphabets of the Sanskrit language… 54 is SHIVA/ SHAKTI FORMAT is 108, the digital value of OM..  ####   ####... Sri Yantra represents the union of Masculine and Feminine Divine. The Shri Yantra's 9 constituent triangles vary in size and shape and intersect to form 43 smaller triangles, organized in 5 concentric levels.  Because of its nine triangles, Sri Yantra is also known as the Navayoni Chakra.  The NINE AVARANAS ( CIRCUITS ) of the Sri Yantra are--..  1. PRATHAMAVARANA (BHUPURA/ EARTHWORKS)/  FEET ..  Trailokyamohana Chakra (“The Wheel That Enchants the Three Worlds”). The Bhupura is the earth level, where srishti is completely manifested and separateness is felt. Our five senses enable us to interact with the world, leading to pleasant as well as unpleasant experiences that agitate our mind. These diverse agitations are represented by the matrika shaktis who inhabit the second wall of the Bhupura. The mudra shaktis who help us to overcome these disturbing influences are represented within the third wall of the Bhupura. The attainments (siddhis) that we attain by controlling the disturbing influences are represented within the first wall of the Bhupura. Dram means vibration or sound. Sankshobana means intercourse. It is a request to speak openly, without inhibitions, and listen to her response..  2. DVITEEYAVARANAM (SHODASHA DALAPADMAM/  SIXTEEN-PETALED LOTUS)/ THIGHS…  Sarvasaparipuraka Chakra (“The Wheel That Fulfills All Desires”). With the completion of the evolution procedure, we not only start experiencing things statically but also dynamically. Just as a woman menstruates every 28th day, the Cosmos has its own cycles and periods that are governed by the lunar calendar (as the Moon is the second-fastest moving object in the sky besides the Sun). We sometimes resonate with the cosmic cycles; at other times, we remain tone-deaf to it. At times we are sane, at other times lunatic. The lunar clock is divided into sixteen digits or phases of the moon. These phases are represented by the sixteen petaled lotus… Drim means touch. Vidravana means melting profusely; like the orgasmic flow which can happen in intercourse. Usually these are mental feelings.. FROM NOW ON IT IS THE SEVEN CHAKRAS.. ####   ####... 3. TRITEEYAVARANAM (ASHTA DALAPADMAM/EIGHT-PETALED LOTUS)    / MOOLADHARA ..  Sarvasamkshobana Chakra (“The Wheel That Agitates All”). Upon completing the evolutionary process, we begin experiencing interactions. The cosmic wealth of our experience is called the ananga devatas, which are eight in number. They take the form of wealth; the wealth of experience, of God, of the cosmos. The eight-petaled lotus is the cosmic wealth, the wealth of God; the eight forms of aishwarya. Klim means attraction. Expanding oneself into the other and into the whole world is sarva akarshana. Dissolving the entire world into oneself is a function of manmata’s shaktis who are all forms of intercourse.  4. CHATURDHAVARANAM (CHATURDASARA/  FOURTEEN TRIANGLES)/   SWADHISTHANA..  Sarvasaubhagya Dayaka Chakra (“The Wheel That Bestows All Auspiciousness”). The explosion which leads to the creation process is best explained in terms of three stages: (1) the explosion of the interface between the inner self and outer worlds, manifested by the ashtakona; (2) the explosion of the outer universe, manifested by the inner 10 triangles (antar-dashara); and (3) the explosion of the inner self – the ego, manifested by the outer 10 triangles (bahir-dashara). This explosion is completed in 14 different stages of one’s existence. After having passed through seven worlds are in the Bhu, the eighth world and you have to pass through six more worlds, after leaving your body so as to complete the explosion (evolution) process leading to the Fourth Chakra. The fourteen-cornered figure represents the 14 phases of evolution, corresponding to which there are 14 powers (Goddesses). Blum means a taste of wonder. Looking at all the 14 worlds (namely, athala, vithala, suthala, rasathala, thalathala, mahathala, paathala, earth, ocean, fire, air, space, time and transcendence), coming out of the mother’s womb creates this taste of wonder and awe..  5. PANCHAMAVARANAM (BAHIRDASARA/ OUTER TEN TRIANGLES) / MANIPURA . Sarvarthasadhaka Chakra (“The Wheel that Bestows All Wealth”). The outer set of ten triangles, described as the Bahirdasara, represents the five sensory and five motor organs of an individual through which our mind can be disturbed. In order to attain the yogic state, the mind has to be decoupled from these disturbing sensory inputs..  Saha means the perfume which maddens. This whole world that we see is created out of memories. There is only a reflection of truth in it; it is only imaginary. Just as when we wake up from a dream, the dream dissolves, so also does this world dissolve when we wake up from a state called Samadhi. Knowing that the world is temporary, like a dream or a thought, and that being attached to it can only bring misery, moves the devotee from the muladhara and svadhishtanna chakras. This is called kulotheerna..  6. SHASHTAVARANAM (ANTARDASARA/  INNER TEN TRIANGLES) / ANAHATA.. Sarvarakshakara Chakra (“The Wheel of Complete Protection”). The process of exploding the Cosmos – through space-time interaction – results in the cosmos expressing itself in terms of the five elements (states of aggregation) which are the solid, liquid, plasma, gaseous and vacuum states. These are the five elements and their properties are sound, touch, form, taste, and smell. This set of five elements and their properties constitute the set of inner ten triangles of the Sri Chakra. Krom means anger against the six enemies known as lust, anger, possessiveness, delusion, pride, jealousy. All these binding negatives come from the fixation that “I am this body, mind and intellect and these are mine.” Wanting something that is not mine is lust. The object of lust not coming to me creates anger. The object of my lust comes to me and the emotion that I should not lose it creates possessiveness. The feeling that I cannot live without it is delusion. The sense that only I have it and no one else has it is pride. The sense that others have it and I don’t have it is jealousy. Anger against these children of “I” and “mine” pushes them away. Thus we become a life in everyone. We become mothers to this illusory world giving the positive elements protection and nourishment. Protecting the good and disciplining the evil and helping the needy is the function of the Sarvarakshakara Chakra. It eliminates the conceptions of all feelings of guilt, as well as the diseases that come out of negativities; it enhances the powers of knowledge, abundance and bless; and it fulfills all desires. 7. SAPTAMAVARANAM (ASHTAKONA/ EIGHT TRIANGLES) / VISHUDDA.. Sarvarogahara Chakra (“The Wheel that Destroys All Illness”). Once space and time have come into existence, they start interacting with the result of creating matter, as matter is formed when time curves around space. This expansion process continues, forming more matter. It is represented by the eight triangles of the ashtakona. Each triangle is a yoni. The Cosmos becomes an individual through the yoni of birth, while an individual becomes the Cosmos through the yoni of death. Death is simply a yoni that causes time to stop for an individual. Khechari means moving astrally. Through this it is possible to travel in time and space and experience the big-bang and explore the invariants (aksharas formed into eight groups of Sanskrit alphabets). Khechari makes you nada brahma, expanding into the entire sky. 8. ASHTAMAVARANAM (TRIKONA/  TRIANGLE) /  AJNA .. Sarvasiddhiprada Chakra (“The Wheel That Bestows All Powers”). The triangle represents the creation of the space-time interval. When an interval is generated about a point then there arises a new point as well as the space-time separation between the two. From one we move to three which the triangle represents. Expansion of Bindu into the triangle is the projection of cosmic awareness into separateness by a wave-like phenomenon called ‘Maya.’ The point and the triangle are the most fundamental things. The emanation of the triangle from the point is called Tripura Bhairavi. The triangle is the yoni, the gate through which everyone comes into being. Siva is called Bhutha Natha, Lord of the Past. He kills the present and pushes it into the past. Shakti is called the Supreme Mother. She manifests the future into the present. The intercourse of Shiva and Shakti is the union of the past and future. The flow of time against life keeps on creating, nourishing and withdrawing continuously. Bija means seed whose content is knowledge. Keeping the attention always at the eyebrow center can bestow the knowledge of past, present and future…  9. NAVAMAVARANAM (BINDU/ POINT/SHIVA-SHAKTI IDENTITY) /  SAHASRARA..  Sarvanandamaya Chakra (“The Wheel of Complete, Pure Bliss”). Creation of individuality from the state of a cosmic being by providing a space-time interval is the function of Shakti while dissolution of individuality back to cosmic being by the removal of the interval is the function of Shiva. At the Bindu the creator and the creation is in a combined state. Siva gives birth to cosmic consciousness while Shakti gives birth to individual consciousness. Hence what we interpret as birth is the generation of individual awareness while death the generation of cosmic awareness. On the contrary birth can be interpreted as dissolution of cosmic awareness while death the dissolution of individual awareness. At the Bindu Siva and Shakti are co-creators having equal potency and equal powers which is Shiva-Shakti identity.. ####   ####..... Siva gives birth to cosmic consciousness while Shakti gives birth to individual consciousness .. THE ANGKOR WAT TEMPLE DEPICTS THE NINE CIRCUITS..  AND JEW ROTHSCHILD COOKED UP PALI SPEAKING PIG EATING BUDDHA WHO NEVER BELIEVED IN SOUL WANTS TO HIJACK IT—OH  YEAH?.. THINK AGAIN !!.. ####   ####....







Bhagya Suktam Rig Veda भाग्य सूक्तं ऋग्वेद ७-४१(7-41)

परातरग्निं परातरिन्द्रं हवामहे परातर्मित्रावरुणाप्रातरश्विना | परातर्भगं पूषणं बरह्मणस पतिं परातः सोममुत रुद्रं हुवेम ||

परातर्जितं भगमुग्रं हुवेम वयं पुत्रमदितेर्यो विधर्ता | आध्रश्चिद यं मन्यमानस्तुरश्चिद राजा चिद यं भगं भक्षीत्याह ||

भग परणेतर्भग सत्यराधो भगेमां धियमुदवा ददन नः | भग पर णो जनय गोभिरश्वैर्भग पर नर्भिर्न्र्वन्तः सयाम ||

उतेदानीं भगवन्तः सयामोत परपित्व उत मध्ये अह्नाम | उतोदिता मघवन सूर्यस्य वयं देवानां सुमतौ सयाम ||

भग एव भगवानस्तु देवास्तेन वयं भगवन्तः सयाम | तं तवा भग सर्व इज्जोहवीति स नो भग पुरेता भवेह ||

समध्वरायोषसो नमन्त दधिक्रावेव शुचये पदाय | अर्वाचीनं वसुविदं भगं नो रथमिवाश्वा वाजिन आ वहन्तु ||

अश्वावतीर्गोमतीर्न उषासो वीरवतीः सदमुछन्तु भद्राः |घर्तं दुहाना विश्वतः परपीता यूयं पात ... ||

ॐ अवैध मृत्युम न अमृतम न आगम मैव सुतो नो अभै त्रुणोत । वर्णम वनस्पती रिभाभिनष्यी यथागम भयै सदा नस्च जिपदही । । 

परम प्रत्यो अन्पढे एवम धयस्ते श्वेतयो देवाय न आत । तत्क्षुस्मते ब्रह्मणे देव प्रवी विमानव प्रजा ग्म्य निसोमोद विनोद्: । । 

वातम प्राणम वन्सान्त्वा हावामहे प्रजापतिम्यो भुवन्श्य गोप: । स नो रुद्रो: स्त्राय धान्त्वाम त्रध्युम धधयो जीवा: धधा मुचिमहे । । 

अमृत प्रभु या धध: योग्यवस्य वृहश्पते अभिशस्त्रे न रुद्र: । मृत्यो हावा मश्मिना मृत्यो मस्मा देवानामने भि च गाच देवहि: । ।

 परिगम धनम च मुचयम च देवा विश्वा शेषानम पृतभम पतीनअ्म । ब्रह्मा सदो च वेदमागा च यधमागा मधिय विक्रमस्य: । ।

 सल्के न अग्निम दानभुतौ लोकौ स नै माहम । उपायो भोगयो रुध्रापी मृत्युम जराम्य्हम । । 

मा चिदो मृत्यो मा वधेर मा मे बलम चिदहो मा प्रमोसि: । प्रजाम मा मे रीरिष: समायु रुद्र निरक्ष सन्त्रा: हविषा विधेमा । । 

मा नो महान्त मुत मानो अर्ब्भकम्मन अक्ष्यन्त मुत मान उक्षितम । मा नो व्यधिम पितरम्मोत मातरम्मनम प्रियास्तनवो रुद्ररीरिष: । । 

मानस्तोके तनए मान आयौ मानो अश्वेषु रीरिश: । वीरन्मानो रुद्र भामितो वेधी: हविष्मन्त सदमित्वा हावामहे । ।

namas te narasiḿhāya


hiraṇyakaśipor vakṣaḥ-


ito nṛsiḿhaḥ parato nṛsiḿho

yato yato yāmi tato nṛsiḿhaḥ

bahir nṛsiḿho hṛdaye nṛsiḿho

nṛsiḿham ādiḿ śaraṇaḿ prapadye

tava kara-kamala-vare nakham adbhuta-śṛńgaḿ


keśava dhṛta-narahari-rūpa jaya jagadīśa hare